Case Study

MediGain Case Study


Delivering Big Gains to Medical Providers with Analytics

Established in 2002, MediGain is a full-service revenue cycle management company, providing IT solutions and professional services to medical practices, clinics, hospitals and other specialty providers to help them navigate an increasingly complex reimbursement environment. With more than 1,000 employees, three quarters of which provide services including medical billing, coding, collections, financial analysis, and more--MediGain knows their way around numbers. So, in 2012, after a recent acquisition had prompted the company to evaluate their lines of business, they took a hard look at the numbers in their BI department--and immediately knew it was time to make some changes. Hobbled with a legacy on-premise analytics system, MediGain’s 18 person BI team was struggling to produce reports for clients that kept pace with company and client expectations. Without the ability to automate reporting, team members were limited to producing ad hoc manual reports on a monthly basis--leaving them prone to error and slowing clients’ ability to take action on the data. The numbers didn’t lie, their current model wasn’t scalable or sustainable.

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