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From charts to dashboards

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Out-of-the-box visualizations

Interactive and engaging for end users

Dynamic dashboards enable your end users to explore data from different perspectives:

  • Drag and drop to change metrics, dimensions, or data visualization types from the out-of-the-box options.
  • Add filters to entire dashboards or just a single visualization.
  • Drill deeper into a visualization to examine the underlying data in more detail.
  • Create aggregations (eg., sum, average) from pre-made metrics.

With your branding

Use dashboard theming to match your brand — fonts, colors, logos — in just a few clicks.

With live data

The freshest data at the click of a button ensures that end-users' dashboards and visualizations are always up to date.

Custom visualizations

Tailor-made to your exact needs — without limits

In addition to the out-of-the-box data visualization types, you can customize your dashboards with charts from any external visualization library.

GoodData’s visualization tool is designed for creating advanced, custom-crafted dashboards, and complex business reporting solutions.

Add and augment any data visualization from any charting library with only a few lines of code — D3, Chart.js, FusionCharts, Google Charts and more.

And ready to embed

Embed on the web

Instantly display dashboards on your web page by copy-pasting. The inserted dashboards are interactive allowing end users to both explore and accommodate the charts.

Embed into your application

Integrate individual visualizations or entire dashboards into your application and create a seamless data visualization and analytics experience for your end users (i.e., your customers, business network). The integration with apps is secure and fully customizable.

Check out GoodData’s types of embedding

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