Business intelligence solutions for any industry

Transform your customer experience and build with GoodData.

Business intelligence solutions for any industry
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How different industries use GoodData

Dive into how the power of GoodData can be leveraged to empower teams, partners, or customers.

Departments solutions

Learn more about how different departments can leverage data through custom-built self-service data products.

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Improve your campaign spending, ROI, or conversions while having consistent and connected metrics with other company departments.

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Customer service

Consolidate the data from customer-facing tools and platforms and build actionable insights for your teams. Analyze trends and improve customer satisfaction.

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Make better decisions and improve your operational excellence with insights about your teams to understand the value and impact of their transactions.

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Improve your sales velocity by understanding your pipeline across all teams in real time with augmented analytics and consistent company-wide metrics.

Professional services

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Solution consulting

Our team is here to help you build simple to use solutions for complex data problems. We provide support in all necessary disciplines, including data product management, data modelling and custom development including a dedicated team.

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