Data analytics for restaurants, food & beverage businesses 

Grow your sales and operational efficiency with advanced analytics.

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Grow your business with franchise analytics

  • Easily manage analytics dashboards for reporting and scorecarding across a network of individually owned franchises from one central location.
  • Improve and simplify data management and find an easier way for franchises to track their performance. 
  • Boost franchise revenue and employee productivity through actionable data insights.

Track sales performance in real time

  • Understand customer purchasing habits and boost sales through tailored menu suggestions and promotional offers.
  • Use advanced analytics to optimize sales and adjust menu prices in real time based on customer demand, competition, and other external factors.
  • Drill down into various levels of analysis, from overall sales performance metrics to more granular details.

Increase operational efficiency

  • Visualize operation trends to adjust labor and inventory levels on demand.
  • Optimize employee scheduling and streamline kitchen operations with the power of data.
  • Analyze delivery times, supplier performance, and costs to optimize your supply chain.

Examples of dashboards for restaurants, food & beverage businesses

Discover how companies in the hospitality industry are using dashboards


Food & beverage income at-a-glance

Restaurants can get a clear understanding of their revenue in relation to various metrics, such as location, food type, and how budgets are stacking up.

  • Drill into data to discover further insights
  • Clear visuals give important data nowhere to hide

A complete picture of table reservations

Restaurants can get an overview of reservation performance over time. They can also see where reservations are coming from and how customers are interacting with these sources to increase future reservations.

  • Simple benchmarking to tell the data story
  • Wide variety of visualizations increase clarity

Optimized employee scheduling for restaurant chains

Managers can get an at-a-glance understanding of employee schedules to make better scheduling decisions and prevent unwanted overtime.

  • Easily shareable across management
  • User-friendly UI ensures everyone can understand the data

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Why choose our BI platform?

Reasons restaurants, food, and beverage businesses love us include:

  • Advanced reporting, predictive analytics, drill-down options, and seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Flexible embedding options
  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform for users with various levels of technical expertise.

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Common questions

Here are some key features to look for in a BI tool tailored for the restaurant, food, and beverage industry:

  • Data visualization provides interactive dashboards and reports that make complex data understandable at a glance.
  • Self-service and ease of use encompass features such as drag-and-drop interfaces for ad hoc reporting, drill-down capabilities, customizable dashboards, and self-service analytics capabilities.
  • Flexibility in embedding enables reports, dashboards, metrics or any data products to be embedded in environments where users and clients need them.
  • Scalability ensures that a BI tool can scale as your requirements change.
  • Data security and governance
  • Predictive analytics and modeling helps in proactive customer care management and can help optimize resource allocation.
  • Machine learning and AI enables the analysis of large datasets, learning from data patterns, and improvement over time.

Leveraging advanced and AI-powered analytics in the restaurant, food, and beverage business can significantly enhance operations and boost sales, especially when used in a franchise chain business. Here’s how you can integrate advanced analytics into your business:

  1. Customer Analysis:

    • Personalization: Use AI to analyze customer data and purchasing habits to offer personalized recommendations through your digital platforms, such as apps or websites. This can include tailored menu suggestions or promotional offers.
    • Segmentation: Segment customers based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics to target marketing efforts more effectively and improve customer engagement.
  2. Inventory and Supply Chain Management:

    • Demand Forecasting: AI analytics can predict future product demand based on historical data, current trends, and seasonality, helping you manage inventory more efficiently and reduce waste.
    • Supply Chain Optimization: Analyze delivery times, supplier performance, and costs to optimize your supply chain.
  3. Operational Efficiency Use advanced analytics to understand and streamline kitchen operations, or optimized employee scheduling.

  4. Sales and Revenue Management:

    • Dynamic Pricing: Implement AI-powered dynamic pricing models that can adjust menu prices in real-time based on demand, competitor pricing, and other external factors.
    • Revenue Optimization: Identify the most profitable menu items, understand table turnover rates, and optimize seating arrangements to maximize revenue.

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