Everything you need for analytics
that makes an impact

Embedded in any app or workflow

Embedded in any app
or workflow

Embed analytics right where your users work – desktop or mobile – to maximize adoption and speed business decision-making.

Real-time insights


Make decisions in real-time based on the freshest data possible, without bank-busting hardware and software requirements.

BI analytics in the cloud

Cloud-based for
easy management

Less IT headaches with no installation or infrastructure to manage, analytics built for the cloud.

Flexible and fast time to value

Flexible and fast
time to value

Whether you implement on your own or take advantage of our 
full-service packages, you'll be up and running in weeks, not months.

Power of data-driven decision-making for your business network



Embed analytics inside your applications and let your customers gain analytic insights without the need to involve IT or hire expensive consultants.



Make business partners more tightly integrated into your processes with shared insights that you control.

Frenchises and subsidiaries

Franchises and subsidiaries

Combine data from all branches, offices, and franchises for a complete view of your business. Deliver insights that drive business performance.



Turn every employee into an analytics superhero without extra training and without slowing down everyday business operations.

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Aberdeen report

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Monthly webinars

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How it works

How it works

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