Analytics without limits

With GoodData, you can deliver fully managed insights to your customers and partners at massive scale.


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Go beyond embedded analytics

GoodData takes the same powerful analytics traditionally confined to data experts and delivers them to all your users—wherever they are. It’s fully managed embedded intelligence at massive scale.

No limits to your data roadmap

No limits to your roadmap

Open, extensible, robust. GoodData is designed to support your analytic product roadmap wherever it may lead. Offer your customers any data source, any visualization, any interaction pattern, or any integration they need, now or in the future.

Customer-grade stability at scale

Customer-grade stability at scale

Your customers rely on your application to do their jobs. With GoodData, you can consistently deliver the experience your customers expect. That's why we offer a 99.5% service-level agreement.

Analytics everywhere

Analytics everywhere

GoodData lets you meet your users right where they live and work. Get engaging analytics exactly how your users want them within the applications they use every day as part of business processes.

Next-generation of data analytics


Built using modern technologies that allow for agile development and flexible product design, GoodData lets you deliver the latest technologies and most advanced analytics capabilities at the same massive scale for which we’re known.

Whatever your role: GoodData

Loved by product leaders

As a product leader, you care about offering the right capabilities for your end users in a completely seamless experience quickly and cost-effectively, as well as the ability to adapt to changing market and customer needs with ease.

Learn how GoodData can be used to design and deploy engaging customer-facing analytics at the scale you need.

Engineered for technology leaders

As a technology leader, you need to ensure that your analytics reside on a rock-solid platform, are easily maintained, don’t require an army of resources to support, and will take advantage of your existing technology investments.

Learn why GoodData’s platform is the ideal choice for high-performance analytics delivered at scale.

Why GoodData?

8 of the 10
largest brands

More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies across every industry use GoodData

1M users

Our user-led design focus enables industry-leading adoption rates across our user base

Live in less
than 8 weeks

Our end-to-end platform and agile methodology move you quickly from onboarding to launch

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