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Your new data stack requires reimagined analytics.
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Break down data silos

Unlock powerful BI that is composable and open with zero vendor lock-in

Embedded analytics UI

Embed analytics into your applications

Launch embeddable dashboards, charts, and graphs in unmatched time to market.

Lower barriers to analytics adoption

With GoodData’s self-service analytics user interface, business users can build their own dashboards and visualizations to retrieve the insights they need.

On demand scale

Scale on demand with confidence

Don't pay per user when scaling your business. Plus, as your organization grows in data volume, so will your analytics — without impacting performance.

All your data, one source of truth

Count on your insights

GoodData lays the foundation for flexible data connection and transformation. Advanced data modeling and semantics ensure integrity and accuracy for every metric.

Deploy anywhere — with any data, to any cloud

Choose from fully hosted to self-hosted options (including no cloud vendor lock-in).

Protect your data

Our platform is secure at every level, from multi-tenant architecture to regulatory compliance.

Compose a smarter analytics solution

Let’s shape the next decade of BI together


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