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Why partner with GoodData?

Solutions built for the modern tech stack with innovative licensing

Take advantage of our API-first headless BI architecture combined with non-user based licensing that allows you to achieve greater ROI.

Proven solutions, trusted by 140,000+ organizations

GoodData accelerates the growth of businesses around the globe, regardless of size, with GoodData empowering 50% of the Fortune 500 organizations.

Developer-friendly with low-code/no-code capabilities

GoodData is built for SaaS success: fast to deploy, cost-efficient, easily scalable, and airtight with your product.

Solution partners

Partner bootiq

We provide complex IT, DEV, BI services.

Czech Republic  |  Website

Partner bizztreat

Data Team as a Service Business/Data/Tech.

Czech Republic  |  Website

Partner dangamsoft

Dangamsoft offers development and consulting.

South Korea  |  Website

Partner hackberry

Hackberry builds data & analytics platforms.

Sweden  |  Website

Partner kms

Accelerate your software development with KMS.

Vietnam  |  Website

Partner oritso

Oritso is a leading tech service provider.

India  |  Website

Partner revoltbi

Comprehensive BI services with impact.

Czech Republic  |  Website

Partner samuraiz

Innovative software and services

Japan  |  Website

Partner totvs

A business solutions provider for all.

Brazil  |  Website

Partner onesix

Custom Analytics and Software Solutions

USA  |  Website

Partner ethostrong

Masterfully Executed Business Engineering

USA  |  Website

Partner webellian

Fully Integrated Digital and IT Consulting

Poland  |  Website

Partner globalids

Enhancing Enterprise Data Management

USA  |  Website

Partner lepinay

Turn Data into Value with Augmented Analytics

USA  |  Website

Partner dbseer

Cloud Enabled Analytical Data Engineering

USA  |  Website

Partner etherfax

Transforming fax and documents into usable data for BI

USA  |  Website

Partner ypoint

Rapid Analytics & Data Integration

USA  |  Website

Partner aspdijital

Your Digital Transformation Guide

Turkey  |  Website

Partner airos

Enabling clinical care focus through IT and BI

USA  |  Website

Partner royal-cyber

Adoption, Evolution, Scaling, then Thriving

USA  |  Website

Partner digital-central

For all your digital ambitions

Seychelles  |  Website

Who we are looking for

Solution partners

You are a consultant, system integrator, or reseller. You have extensive analytics knowledge and expertise to guide customers in building a complete data ecosystem that will help them gain the most value from their investment and data.

Technology partners

Your tools seamlessly integrate with GoodData. From data processing to analysis and consumption, your product integration helps us deliver a more comprehensive solution that fits the customers' analytics needs.

We're innovating BI

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