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Deliver increased business value by partnering with GoodData

In order to respond quickly when business needs change, your customers need to unlock the power of their data. Partner with GoodData, a leader in analytics, to drive more value and win new business.

Why partner with GoodData?


Deliver increased business value

Your customers need a solution that generates more ROI and unlocks the power of their data to drive their business forward. GoodData's analytics platform enables nearly all business use cases.


Credibility and trusted by largest organizations across various industries

To date, GoodData has helped over 140,000 organizations across the globe make better business decisions by leveraging insights from their data.


Commitment and support for you

By partnering with GoodData, you'll receive all the resources, support, and training required to understand how analytics can solve your customers' business challenges.

How GoodData works schema

Type of Partnership

Where do you fit best?


You offer your own BI solutions but also understand how to resell GoodData's analytics platform to provide increased value for your customers.

Systems integrator

You have deep analytics knowledge and expertise to guide customers in building out a complete data ecosystem that will help them achieve the most out of their investment and their data.


Your tools seamlessly integrate with GoodData (from data processing, to analysis and consumption) to deliver customers a more comprehensive solution that fits their analytics needs.

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Deliver increased business value by partnering with GoodData