GoodData + SnowflakeUnmatched analytics performance

Build world-class GoodData analytics powered by your Snowflake data — without limits.

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No more data silos icon
No more data silos

Experience consistent analytics results by removing the need to frequently move data — with GoodData headless BI querying your Snowflake data.

Fast, real-time analytics icon
Fast, real-time analytics

Execute GoodData analytics directly from your Snowflake data in real-time, fueling data-driven decision-making with the freshest data.

Scalable architecture icon
Scalable architecture

Scale GoodData analytics efficiently by data volume, cost, and users, no matter how simple or complex the use case, without hindering performance.

Multi-tenant analytics icon
Multi-tenant analytics

Utilize multi-tenant architecture to deliver consistent, customizable GoodData analytics to separate teams, partners, and clients.

Developer-friendly data stack

With GoodData’s headless BI engine as the foundation of your data stack, everything can be performed via declarative, open APIs, and configured to be both human- and machine-readable. Use APIs to access and present data from the semantic layer to any application, while always yielding the same consistent results..

Developer-friendly data stack
Low code/no code analytics toolset

Low code/no code analytics toolset

Create interactive data apps and deliver new features faster with our suite of developer tools, including GoodData.UI SDK — compatible with React, Angular, or Vue — as well as metrics and dashboard editors. Harness self-service capabilities and empower users to easily customize dashboards themselves.

Analytics embedded seamlessly into your apps

Analytics embedded seamlessly into your apps

Embed GoodData + Snowflake dashboards and visualizations seamlessly into your app or create a fully tailored data application from individual components powered by GoodData + Snowflake analytics — enabling data-driven decision-making and self-service analytics for your customers.

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