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Why is BI & analytics different with GoodData and Snowflake?

Both - Snowflake and GoodData - were built for the cloud from the ground up.

While Snowflake’s architecture scales data storage separately from compute resources, GoodData’s architecture scales and accommodates analytics, dashboards, and visualizations for different use cases and groups of users. The connection of Snowflake and GoodData brings agility, flexibility, and scalability to real-time data analytics.

Companies using GoodData with the cloud build and manage dashboards and analytics for up to 22 thousand groups of users with 170 thousand end users.

Use-case 1:

API-first architecture and headless BI

GoodData’s APIs were built to be at the center of the platform. By doing so, everything in the GoodData platform is consumable via APIs. This architecture can also be used to build a single, shareable location for metrics definition, improving metrics consistency organization-wide and supporting a headless BI approach to analytics.

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Use-case 2:

Multi-tenancy for separated groups

With GoodData’s multi-tenant architecture you can scale BI & analytics, in just a few clicks, to separate teams, partners, or clients. More importantly, you can automate versioning between groups of users, managing the whole analytics solution efficiently and quickly.

The GoodData platform is sought after for its security and efficient features that enable it to scale dashboards across any kind of organization and to any kind of end-user.

Integration into apps and pages
Use-case 3:

Integration into apps and pages

Choose from various options in order to design and embed analytics and interactive dashboards into your application or web pages. The GoodData platform includes: no-code/low-code UI for end-users, customizing and embedding via code, and iFrame.

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