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Introducing FlexQuery

FlexQuery is the new analytics engine powering GoodData. Save money, improve performance, and ensure governance with our cutting edge, in-memory technology.


Using FlexQuery, analytics and business intelligence engineers federate, transform, and enrich data for dashboards, custom applications, and AI/ML use cases.

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AI chatbot

Ask natural language questions, define new metrics, and create and modify charts and dashboards via GoodData’a GenAI-powered chatbot, in our UI or embedded in yours. Available now in the GoodData Labs environment.

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AI chatbot

Cost savings

FlexQuery’s caching engine, FlexCache, automatically caches full and partial result sets for re-use, saving you significant money on your underlying cloud data architecture.

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Cost savings

Data integration

FlexQuery’s built in transformation and federation capabilities make it easy to combine data from all of your applications via SQL or APIs. You can materialize data in-memory or on disk, or query it live from your databases, or even mix the two modes together.

Data integration


FlexQuery supports super fast in-memory computation on large volumes of data. Moving forward, we are providing more and more granular cache controls to help you balance data recency vs cost savings.

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Open source

FlexQuery is built on the best open source analytics tools, including Apache Arrow, Iceberg and DuckDB, pre-configured for core BI use cases. We always give you the keys to the kingdom and you can develop your own FlexQuery modules to address data engineering or data science needs.

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Open source

Analytics Lake

Unlike a data lake, the Analytics Lake contains data, metadata, data models, metrics and reports/visualizations in a single platform, making it easy to create and govern any kind of analytics application without complex integration challenges.

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Analytics Lake

Create AI-fueled dashboards and interactive visualizations

Enable users to build charts and dashboards with drag-and-drop UI. AI-powered features like forecasting, key driver analysis, and NLQ mean faster insights and faster decisions.

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Boost efficiency with Analytics as Code

Create analytics environments faster than ever before with our code-based developer tools and blueprints. Integrate analytics with CI/CD pipelines to automate development.

Boost efficiency with Analytics as Code

Distribute analytics wherever your users need it

Seamlessly embed interactive charts and dashboards into your apps, web portals, and workflows.


Unite your teams in a single environment

Leverage one central hub for your DevOps, DataOps, and BI teams.

  • Tools like GoodData for VS Code make it easy to share insights, findings, and code.
  • Users with all skill levels can collaborate with pro-code, low-code, or no-code UI.
Unite your teams in a single environment

Scale your analytics with our multi-tenant architecture

Dynamically scale your analytics and accommodate increases in data volume, end users, and business partners.

  • Distribute personalized analytics instances to teams, partners, or customers via multitenancy.
  • Advanced caching delivers great performance and keeps cloud data warehouse costs low.
Scale your analytics with our multi-tenant architecture

Ensure trust in your data, from source to dashboard

Take advantage of comprehensive testing, validation, and monitoring for consistent and accurate data, no matter where it is consumed.

  • Everything is under strict version control, with iterations stored and revertible.
  • Robust semantic layer ensures a single source of truth.
Ensure trust in your data, from source to dashboard

Secure your data, users, and business


Features analytics builders love

API-first icon

Platform functionality and metadata can be executed and managed via well-designed, open APIs.

Declarative definitions icon
Declarative definitions

All analytics definitions are declarative and they can be exported, imported, versioned, shared, and inherited.

SDKs icon

Build integrations and manage the platform with open-source SDKs — Python, React, and JavaScript.

CI/CD icon

Integrate analytics with your CI/CD pipelines to automate development, just like you would with any other code.

GoodData for VS Code icon
GoodData for VS Code

Leverage software engineering workflows for enhanced versioning, collaboration, and automation with the VS Code plugin.

Semantic layer icon
Semantic layer

Transform complex data into reusable abstractions and context-aware metrics — easily refactor without breaking the analytics.

GoodData connects with

amazon redshift
google big query
postgre sql
synapse sql
microsoft sql server
mother duck
click house

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