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Data visualization

Create charts, reports, and dashboards

Leverage data from any area of the organization to create comprehensive dashboards and reports. Use custom graphs to identify business strengths and weaknesses, understand consumer behavior, and make data-driven decisions. GoodData’s easy-to-use analytics platform enables business managers, throughout an organization, to create their own dashboards.

  • Flexible data transformation

    Self-service for non-technical users

    With GoodData, business managers can build their own new reports and dashboards or modify preset ones themselves, all with minimal training.
  • Advanced data modeling

    Responsive and user-friendly

    Optimize your dashboards for any screen: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Reports and dashboards can easily be shared with anyone, on any device.
  • Dozens of integration options

    Drag-and-drop metrics and filters

    An intuitive interface allows users to build their own reports by creating new visualizations with drag-and-drop functionality and custom filters.
  • GoodData Services

    Your platform, your branding

    Make the GoodData analytics platform your own with custom branding, colors, and logos. Apply different brand identities for different user groups (teams).

Embedded analytics

Integrate analytics into your product, portal, or app

Embed reports and dashboards directly into your software product, business application, or web portal. Remove any experience divides or visual differences between your application and our data analytics platform (embedding, customization, branding).

  • Optimize decision-making by embedding dashboards directly into users’ workflows, providing a seamless analytics experience.
  • Customize anything, from data pipelines to branding, to fit the needs of any user, department, or customer (i.e. client company).
  • Choose from (1) no code (iFrame), (2) custom code (Javascript library, SDKs, APIs), or (3) whitelabel, to easily embed and build anything you need.
  • GoodData simplifies the “buy vs. build” decision: Use our platform to launch your analytics in only eight weeks — at a fraction of the cost to build.

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Scaling & distribution

Scale efficiently from one user group to thousands

Scale analytics efficiency in three dimensions: data volume, cost, and users — without sacrificing performance. The GoodData analytics platform rises to the top of business intelligence for its superior ability to deliver a customizable solution to a wide range of separate teams, departments, and client companies. Our unique architecture gives you the flexibility to build and scale any of your data use cases.

  • Scale efficiently from one user group to thousands

    Serve internal teams and external users

    GoodData is the only analytics platform that serves both internal and external users’ BI needs. Simplify data and analytics management by delivering dashboards to any user through a single, unified platform.
  • GoodData eliminates user-based pricing

    GoodData eliminates user-based pricing

    GoodData is priced by features, support, and data volume — not per user or query. Easily manage your data analytics software costs to grow the bottom line.
  • Scale efficiently

    Scale efficiently

    Our analytics platform sits on a unique multi-tenant architecture that enables automated, fast, and cost-effective scaling to multiple, completely separated user groups (your teams, or client companies).
  • Seamless analytics distribution

    Seamless updates, back and forth

    Push updates to metrics and reports without breaking visualizations that business managers created themselves. Avoid tedious manual work with roll-back features.

Data preparation & ETL

Connect and transform to ensure integrity

Choose a data warehouse, consolidate multiple sources, and build custom pipelines to transform data into dashboards. These processes lay the foundation for data automation and reliable relationships between data sets, ensuring the consistency, integrity, and veracity of every insight presented to your users.

AWS Snowflake BigQuery CSV

  • Flexible data transformation

    Flexible data transformation

    Following our deployment options, choose from two possibilities: use your own data warehouse, or prepare your data with GoodData’s warehouse and tooling.
  • Advanced data modeling

    Advanced data modeling

    GoodData’s semantic layer streamlines data management. It interlinks data from sources to dashboards in a way that makes any changes in data pipelines easy to execute while still maintaining the data and metrics’ integrity and veracity in dashboards.
  • Dozens of integration options

    Integration with any data source

    GoodData connects with cloud data warehouses (Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake), storage services, or specific systems with prebuilt connectors. Users can also upload or synchronize their own CSV files from an S3 bucket.
  • GoodData Services

    GoodData Services for ETL and more

    Our expert data engineers, front-end developers, and UX designers are here to serve as an implementation and advisory team to help you fill knowledge gaps and accelerate delivery.

Flexible deployment

Deploy anywhere, to any cloud

The GoodData platform offers flexible deployment options to complement the level of data operations infrastructure in your organization — enabling you to satisfy your real-time, data privacy, and compliance needs, locally and globally. Talk to us for help in understanding which option is best for you.

Flexible deployment content image

  • Fully hosted

    GoodData flexibly manages the entire analytics solution. Choose to let us operate, secure, scale, and manage the entire solution for you, or choose to leverage your existing data management infrastructure — we host and manage the platform, you provide the data warehouse. The fully hosted deployment option provides the lowest total cost of platform ownership with the fastest time-to-market.
  • Self-hosted

    Your organization fully controls and manages the entire analytics solution. Deploy GoodData to your public or private cloud, or local datacenter, as containers (Kubernetes). The self-hosted deployment option is optimal for real-time analytics as well as in situations when data must be stored in certain locations due to data privacy or compliance stipulations.

Security & privacy

Protect your data with global regulatory compliance

Moving, analyzing, and delivering analytics software requires the utmost care and protection of data. We deliver a world-class security and compliance experience to all of our customers so that they can guarantee privacy for all of their users and scale securely.

  • Our airtight security infrastructure ensures the complete separation of users and data between your teams and customers (i.e. client companies).
  • Our security features meet the highest global standards and certifications: HIPAA, GDPR-S, SOC2, GDPR, ISO, CCPA.
  • Our data centers in the US, EU, and Canada allow for regional compliance, backup, and fast recovery.

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