Repsly Adds Powerful Analytics to Its Retail Execution Platform With GoodData

Repsly Adds Powerful Analytics to Its Retail Execution Platform With GoodData

Repsly Adds Powerful Analytics to Its Retail Execution Platform With GoodData

Repsly’s retail execution platform equips consumer packaged goods (CPG) field teams with innovative tools and data to improve sales performance, merchandising execution, and promotion compliance. In 2018, Repsly began an upmarket journey to secure larger customers and expand its offerings to support a broader range of retail performance execution strategies.

After enlisting GoodData as its analytics partner, the two companies wasted no time in building Repsly’s customer-specific Insights Dashboards platform, including a prototype product within two months. Following the official product launch, Repsly signed its first enterprise dashboard customer — a mere four months after partnering with GoodData — and now supports over 800 additional customers across 82 countries.

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The challenge:

  • To better serve and inform the decision-making of large CPG companies, Repsly needed to integrate deeper data insights into its platform.
  • Repsly required an analytics partner that would enable enterprise customers to better track product and promotion-specific performance while being easy to understand for both business users and thousands of field representatives.

As it stood pre-2018, Repsly’s platform was an efficient workflow application best suited for teams of up to 50 to 100 CPG field representatives. To help acquire enterprise CPG customers, Repsly brought on Peter Billante as its Chief Product Officer. Billante identified that the company needed to improve its analytics and reporting capabilities to accommodate its desired targets. More specifically, he knew that Repsly had to increase avenues for large CPG companies to efficiently analyze substantial amounts of data. These improvements would inform decisions based on insights derived from in-store sales and workforce feedback. The company soon decided that incorporating a data analytics platform into its operations was a necessary step toward success and thus sought out a partner to accomplish this.

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After exploring several solution options, Repsly partnered with GoodData due to the analytics provider’s flexible pricing, personal collaboration, easy-to-use visualization dashboards, and responsive professional services team. Repsly also appreciated that each customer’s workspace would be separated within GoodData’s architecture and that one customer’s reports or analytics wouldn’t impact another’s. Time to market was another key factor in Repsly’s decision-making process. Specifically, Repsly aimed to launch its new analytic reporting product at the upcoming Expo East, a renowned retail industry event. GoodData was the only solution that could meet Repsly’s needs in this category.

The solution

  • Within four months of partnering with GoodData, Repsly unveiled its first customer-specific Insights Dashboards platform.
  • Repsly and GoodData also developed Workforce Performance Reports, Retail Execution Dashboards, and Retail Sales Reporting for Repsly’s platform.
  • GoodData’s customizable dashboards and attentive internal team proved to be the perfect fit for a startup like Repsly as it continues to grow its platform and analytical offerings.

GoodData immediately became a key component to Repsly’s offerings. GoodData’s team worked closely with Repsly to develop its new Insights Dashboards. This new product allowed large retailers to measure performance at the point of sale with automated, flexible dashboards on promotion execution, sales results, team activity, and more.

Additionally, within only two months, Repsly was able to launch its new, powerful analytics offerings at Expo East where the team performed a demo for a large audience of key CPG stakeholders.

“All of our clients vary in their business needs and operations. The addition of GoodData’s custom dashboards to our product offering deepened our relationship with our clients and enhanced our user experience.”
Peter Billante
Peter Billante Chief Product Officer at Repsly

This successful launch immediately drove over 100 leads, and within two months after the demo, Repsly signed its first enterprise analytics CPG customer, a large beverage brand and distributor based in the U.S. Shortly after this initial success, Repsly and GoodData continued to bolster its analytics offerings by creating additional value-add product categories such as Workforce Performance Reports, Retail Execution Dashboards, and Retail Sales Reporting.

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The results

  • GoodData worked with Repsly for immediate deployment; four months after beginning the partnership, Repsly signed its first enterprise analytics CPG customer.
  • With the addition of GoodData’s easy-to-use and customizable platform, Repsly secured a series of wins with very large CPG brands, distributors, and merchandisers over the next three years, and now supports 800 customers in 82 countries across various industries.
  • Since creating Insights Dashboards with GoodData, Repsly has deployed more than 500 reports for customers using the Insights Dashboards platform.

Now supporting over 800 customers including Dyson, Kraft-Heinz, Beyond Meat, Adidas, Canon, and Vita Coco, Repsly has become an industry leader in the retail analytics space. With the creation of its GoodData-backed Insights Dashboards and related products, Repsly offers a well-rounded, intuitive analytical system that has propelled the company into the enterprise market. Repsly has grown every year since the partnership began due to the flawless execution of its upmarket strategy.

Looking ahead, Repsly plans to integrate GoodData’s analytical solutions into all parts of its platform. This is especially true for its mobile app as the company ensures that offerings and analytical power are aligned across products. Repsly’s mobile application has been a critical part of its platform from the start and will offer the same data analytics benefits to everyone involved, from executives in offices to in-store field representatives. GoodData is more than Repsly’s analytics provider; it serves as a strategic product partner and brings the key analytical insight that will enhance Repsly’s overall user experience.

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