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How we support you

Benefit from the technical, design, and business expertise of our specialists.

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Data services

  • Create tailored models for sharper insights.
  • Streamline your data workflow with agile data transformation.
  • Ensure a robust pipeline with swift and precise data integration.
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Product design

  • Analyse your requirements and use cases for precise product market fit.
  • Conduct in-depth UX research to ensure alignment with your users.
  • Design tailor-made dashboards for strategic and impactful data storytelling.
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Implementation services

  • Accelerate integration with our tried-and-tested best practices.
  • Ensure a smooth & secure implementation with cloud or self-hosted deployment.
  • Shape and enhance the solution architecture.
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Ad-hoc advisory

  • Flexible, personalised consultations.
  • Fast and efficient onboarding.
  • Expert solution reviews to align BI strategies with business objectives.

Flexible services to fit your analytics requirements

From ad-hoc consultancy to building a complete data analytics product or proof of concepts, GoodData's customised Professional Services optimise your team's work, transforming complex environments into efficient operations, quickly getting your scoped projects up to speed.

  • Ad-hoc hourly consultancy: Tailored, time-bound sessions focused on developing specific use cases for you — providing targeted assistance from start to finish.
  • Enterprise consultancy: We provide a long term dedicated team of experts committed to ensuring the successful deployment of GoodData in your enterprise implementations. This service is ideal for complex environments.

Immediate expert guidance to navigate complex BI challenges, as and when you need it.

Tailored assistance for BI projects with domain-specific expertise provided where required.

Committed consultants align with your long-term goals for continual BI success.

Together we do more.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your exact needs and how we can help you set up your analytics for success.

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