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Pairing Stunning Visualizations and Self-Service Analytics to Drive Alternative Investment Returns

Customer Case Study: Mercatus


The Power of Project Insights

The Mercatus cloud-based asset management software gives power producers and utilities the insights they need to better manage their facilities, shorten their investment lifecycles, and drive revenue opportunities.

“If a company is, for example, considering a huge wind or solar farm,” explains Cathy Grossi, Senior Director of Product Management, “they have to consider questions like ‘Is this a good investment?’ and ‘What are the risks, compared to the return?’ There are also numerous permits and regulations they need to have in place.”

Before Mercatus, companies had to compile the data manually. Business development teams would scout projects, collect the data, compile it (usually in Excel spreadsheets), and take it to the investment committee for a decision. Mercatus gives them a single system that houses all that information in one place and rolls it up so that stakeholders can look at the whole portfolio and assess various factors.

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