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For business applications, web portals, and software products. Fast to deploy, cost-efficient, easily scalable.

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What you can achieve with the GoodData embedded analytics platform


Fast to deploy in your organization

Launch a complex, self-service embedded analytics solution to hundreds or ten thousands of end users in 8 weeks, not months or years.


Efficiency in scaling & cost

Scale analytics efficiently in all three dimensions: number of users, pricing, and data volume — without sacrificing performance. Finally!


Easy to brand, embed, customize

Choose one of three options to easily embed and brand your dashboards and analytics.


Create free, paid, or subscription-based data tiers

Monetize, or make analytics one of the top reasons for end users to adopt your app or upgrade to its higher tier.


DataOps & data product development

Develop, manage, and control multiple data products with a single embedded analytics software.

What is a data product?

Learn more about embedded analytics tools

embedded analytics Business guide

Business guide

Analytics: Build vs. Buy — what are the pros and cons?

embedded analytics Business guide

Tech guide (a must-read)

Your go-to guide to launching branded & embedded analytics.


How to embed analytics and dashboards with GoodData?

1: No code

The easiest: Direct embedding via iFrame

Embed your customized, preset visualizations, dashboards, or even a self-service interface for non-technical users by using iFrames with the single sign-on feature incorporated.

Administrators can also easily generate a piece of code that is ready to be shared and embedded simply by clicking on a button next to the visualization or dashboard meant to be integrated elsewhere.

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2: Custom code

The expert: Embedding for developers

Use our APIs, SDKs, and the GoodData UI Javascript library to embed and customize anything you need as React, Angular, and Vue components. Our platform comes with all the accelerating and supporting tools for experienced developers.

This way you can embed customized dashboards and an analytics interface, or even design and develop a solution, that pulls data from a custom-logic formed in the analytics, while avoiding that ‘traditional analytics’ look!

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3: Whitelabel

The extra: Your own branding without embedding

Not really looking to embed with single sign-on, but rather after an analytics platform that simply has your own branding colors, logos, and other signature details built into it?

With the GoodData platform, that is an option too. Simply submit a demo request and we will show you how it’s done.

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See who is already embedding with GoodData

The GoodData platform architecture is designed to benefit a company of any size and industry (start up, software company, enterprise), with the unique ability to service both your internal teams and external partners.

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Embedding, scaling, branding, integrating

A set of efficient and flexible tools for your developers, engineers, and business teams.

Tech Webinar: How to develop a data product with GoodData

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In this on–demand, two part webinar, our experts demonstrate how to build a data product end–to–end and bring embedded analytics into your software product or business application.
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