React SDK

You can embed visualizations, dashboards, or even the Analytical Designer into your web applications with the help of GoodData.UI React library.


GoodData.UI is a React-based JavaScript library for building responsive analytical applications.

With GoodData.UI, you can:

  • Display visualizations or existing visualizations from the GoodData platform using visual components.
  • Create your new visual components to address your specific analytical needs.

You can find more information in GoodData.UI documentation. and a more in-depth look at GoodData.UI is available in GoodData.UI SDK GitHub repository.

A good way to get started with GoodData.UI is to follow the appropriate courses on GoodData University.


In the examples, you can find basic components such as Bar chart or Column chart and more complex components such as DashboardView. The examples contain code samples that allow you to copy & paste components into your application.

To see mentioned components and more, visit the Example Gallery.