Turning Customer and Agent Data Into Actionable Insights for Contact Center Optimization

Turning Customer and Agent Data Into Actionable Insights for Contact Center Optimization

Turning Customer and Agent Data Into Actionable Insights for Contact Center Optimization

LiveVox is a leading cloud-based provider of customer service and digital engagement tools. They deliver reliable, easy-to- use technology that enables contact centers to maximize their performance with a single view of the customer while also using battle-tested risk mitigation and security tools.


LiveVox needed an analytics partner that could fulfill its complex business needs. The company wanted to improve analytics capabilities for its customers to gain deeper and more actionable insights while also accelerating its own growth.


LiveVox used GoodData to expand the entire breadth of its data model and unlock self-service features. With GoodData, LiveVox was able to deliver a 360-degree customer view so their users could easily build detailed dashboards and reports and improve decision-making.

Results With GoodData:

  • Improved analytics capabilities with added features and robust data sets
  • 100% scalable solution
  • Can easily manage and push new updates to workspaces
  • Helped grow customer base to 70+ over five years
  • Created new use case-targeted performance dashboards to better serve customers across industries

LiveVox has helped contact centers maximize their performance for over 20 years. The company provides a cost-effective path to voice and digital customer engagement by significantly simplifying integration paths within customer environments. The company’s platform powers more than 14 billion interactions a year through seamless integration of omnichannel communications, CRM, and WFO capabilities while also reducing compliance risk and enabling frictionless agent and customer experiences.

“Our clients require a deep understanding of their own customer interactions and internal support workflows,” said Brian Backer, Senior Director of Analytics at LiveVox. “We know a lot about what’s going on in the contact center and we want to provide our customers with powerful insights they need to optimize their performance.”

In 2016, LiveVox knew that their most sophisticated customers needed more extensive analytics and reporting capabilities and they also recognized the rising market demand for self-service analytics. The company wanted to deliver these advanced analytics features to a larger pool of customers and believed that doing so would also give them a strategic advantage over their competitors.

“Measuring and managing contact center performance is now embedded in our product and provides a much better experience for clients looking to make data-driven decisions in the day-to-day management of their contact centers.”
Brian Backer
Brian Backer Senior Director of Analytics at LiveVox

LiveVox Taps GoodData to Gain a 360-Degree Customer View

Initially, LiveVox’s platform reported primarily on voice call interaction metrics like handle times, call volume, and hold times. It then expanded to incorporate agent performance data with metrics like agent in-call, wrap, and ready times to manage agent productivity. However, the LiveVox team noticed a significant gap in analytics needs for customers who wanted the ability to dig deeper into analytics beyond the pre-packaged reports that were currently available.

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“A lot of our customers either don’t have analytics teams or they’ll have very slim analytics teams without their own staff of data engineers,” says Backer. “Especially when integrating a dozen-plus different data sources as we do, we noticed a market opportunity to give our clients much better capabilities to analyze what’s going on in their contact centers without needing to spend several hundred thousand dollars to invest in building their own data warehouse or analytics suite.”

LiveVox decided the best way to meet this need was to expand its own offerings and have its engineering team work closely with an outside analytics partner to enhance the platform’s reporting capabilities.

By partnering with GoodData, the company was able to take a relatively narrow solution and expand it significantly. Integrating more datasets allowed them to provide a complete customer view including new sources such as email, text, and chat interaction data, CRM information, ticketing platform data, speech analytics data for customer intent and agent performance, workforce management data, and much more. Today, LiveVox customers can easily build detailed performance or campaign-specific dashboards to deliver better customer experiences, maximize campaign effectiveness, optimize operating efficiency, and drive better overall decision-making.

“Not only have we brought in a full 360 customer view into GoodData, but we’ve also exposed that within our product,” said Backer. “Measuring and managing contact center performance is now embedded in our product and provides a much better experience for clients looking to make data- driven decisions in the day-to-day management of their contact centers.”

Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Empower Business Evolution Across Use Cases and Verticals

With this wealth of experience helping contact centers use data to drive performance, LiveVox has developed use case-specific analytics packages to help new clients immediately accelerate their analytics journeys. Due to the abundance of varied and dynamic contact center data at its disposal, LiveVox now has the ability to provide its customer base with industry and use case-specific insights.

The ability for its customers to compare performance, use cases, and trends offers a major benefit and presents an opportunity to establish LiveVox as a data-driven authority in the contact center management space.

“It’s an opportunity for us, as experts in the contact center space, to present standard metrics, reports, and dashboards to provide a use case-focused perspective on how to manage your contact center,” said Backer.

“Everyone manages their center differently but you can still benefit from the collective experience of our entire customer base.”

Livevox leverage advanced analytics

Integrating GoodData within the LiveVox platform has also paid dividends for the company in the form of increased customer engagement. In addition to their larger customers, smaller organizations began taking advantage of the advanced analytics features now embedded into the platform. LiveVox’s larger customers saved time by no longer needing to manually create specific reports, while their smaller customers reaped the same benefits without having to build out new data teams and infrastructure.

According to Backer, GoodData’s investment into data visualization features such as KPI dashboards, responsive design, and easy drag-and-drop capabilities also allowed them to position their platform as a far more user-friendly product for non-analytical business users. GoodData’s ease of use is another major factor driving the platform’s adoption among smaller clients as they strive to be just as data-driven as their larger counterparts despite limited in-house analytics resources.

Accelerating Growth Through Self-Service Analytics

Thanks to its easy-to-use platform, flexible pricing structure, and tools like lifecycle management, GoodData’s work with LiveVox has enabled the company to scale to 70+ clients over the course of five years. Backer says they only see this growth continuing into the future.

“When GoodData came out with some of their backend tools like lifecycle management to help us better manage all of our workspaces and to push out new features, that’s something we jumped on because we see a lot of growth there,” said Backer.

“We’re seeing significant opportunities to scale because GoodData makes it more cost-effective to manage all of these workspaces.”

Accelerating growth through self-service analytics

In the customer-facing realm, LiveVox’s work with GoodData has helped bolster client retention and meet existing clients’ evolving data needs. Internally, the partnership is
also driving engagement as the company continues to invest in GoodData to build scalable models that help them efficiently manage their growing customer base. In one example, LiveVox was able to automate many of the backend support and maintenance tasks and free up valuable engineering resources needed to develop innovative new features and integrations with GoodData for improved customer value.

As LiveVox grows, GoodData’s offerings will continue to scale with them. From modernizing internal operations to identifying new revenue opportunities and efficiently pushing out new customer features, GoodData enables Backer and his team to make faster and more confident data-driven decisions. Looking ahead, Backer’s goal is to use their solid use case-driven capabilities to build out-of-the-box analytics solutions supporting a growing number of client use cases for analytics in the contact center.

“I think the next step for us, as I look at the next year or two, is to start using GoodData to take
the level of analytics up a bit,” said Backer. “We can go from descriptive analytics — helping users understand what’s happened before or what is happening now — and start looking at machine learning use cases that help them actually get ahead of what’s going on. For us, the opportunity to fill that gap for our customers with GoodData’s platform is exciting.”

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