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Giving a New Meaning to Data Transformation

Giving a New Meaning to Data Transformation

Giving a New Meaning to Data Transformation

DXC Technology launches customized business intelligence solution and achieves 206% increase in MQLs with the help of GoodData

Results with GoodData:

  • 90 days to launch a customized solution
  • Able to demonstrate a 206% increase in MQLs since launch
  • Moved data modeling into a single, complete platform
  • Top-line insights on the full pipeline delivered to marketing and executives on demand

Adapting to a Changing Business Environment

The first technology company on the New York Stock Exchange, for over 55 years Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has been the leader in solving technologically complex business challenges for some of the biggest organizations in the world, including NASA, CNN, Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, and more. By 2012, when new CEO Mike Lawrie joined the company, CSC had built a thriving business with just a few hundred top customers contributing a full 80% of revenue.

But things were changing in the business environment. While CSC had always succeeded on the strength of their reputation, relying on word of mouth and meetings with senior executives to find and close billion dollar contracts, the deals were starting to get smaller and the conversation had become digital.

“GoodData was able to handle literally every problem we threw its way. There’s nothing else like it in the market.” - Christopher Marin, Dir. of Digital Marketing Ecosystem and Analytics at DXC Technology

Challenges Challenges
  • Customers weren’t asking their peers for recommendations so much as doing their own research online — completing a full 67% of their decision-making process before even talking to sales. Senior leadership realized the need to establish a marketing engine that would not only create brand awareness for the company but also allow them to track the value and path of a lead as it traveled through the buyer’s journey.

  • With more than 80,000 employees in 70 countries, one of their first challenges was centralization. Regional marketing and sales teams were using disparate automation and CRM tools, resulting in poor communication and overlap. Without a single source of truth, there were no shared KPIs by which to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Nick Panayi, CSC’s new Director of Global Brand and Digital Marketing, was tasked with spearheading the effort to develop a singular, best practice model for demand generation and lead management.

Model for demand generation and lead management

Aligning Marketing Activities With Sales and Results

Panayi and Christopher Marin, CSC’s Head of Digital Marketing Ecosystem and Analytics, set out to integrate over 50 different digital systems into a single infrastructure, with Eloqua and Salesforce at the heart of the operation. Critical to its success would be the ability to use data to give executives insight into marketing’s impact on the funnel and bottom line, strongly linking activities to sales outcomes with detailed attribution models. While they had access to some fairly sophisticated reporting within Eloqua and other systems, those tools were limited to analyzing data within their own domain. As Marin put it, “Most of these tools are fairly insular in the sense that they focus on the data within their walls. What we needed was a picture of the whole universe of data.”

They began evaluating business intelligence solutions that could bring their cloud and on-premise data together.

They needed something they could launch fast; spending a year on it wasn’t an option.

The tool had to be agile, allowing constant iteration as their digital ecosystem evolved. It had to be powerful enough to handle massive amounts of data, and cloud was a must. Said Marin, “In 2014, why would you choose anything else?” After evaluating numerous providers, they landed on GoodData.

“GoodData was incredibly flexible and we knew it could handle our data demands. We were sold on the strength of the product and technical team.” - Marin

Transforming a Company With Data-driven Digital Marketing

CSC worked with GoodData implementation partner Keboola to facilitate a speedy and successful launch that exceeded expectations in less than 90 days. Chris stated, “Keboola was absolutely phenomenal to work with. Not only were they able to iterate rapidly, but they challenged us to explore new ways to use the product beyond dashboarding, saying ‘Why buy a Ferrari just to take it to the corner store?’” With Keboola’s help, soon CSC was building pipeline, attribution, scoring, and other models within GoodData that they thought they’d have to create in other systems, all within a fraction of the time they had expected.

Solution Solution
  • The resulting product, a fully-integrated digital ecosystem pairing best-in-class demand generation and management with the market’s most complete analytics platform, would prove nothing short of transformational for CSC. Not only were they able to achieve a significant growth rate in their MQLs, but they were able to demonstrate it — presenting top-level insights on an executive dashboard including key metrics like Marketing Qualified Leads, Marketing Sourced Pipeline, Marketing Assisted Pipeline and, a favorite, Total Contract Value.

“Without GoodData, none of this would have been possible. On every count — from the strength of the platform, to the level of customization, to the quick time to value — our expectations have been exceeded. We’re so happy we chose GoodData.”
Christopher Marin
Christopher Marin Dir. of Digital Marketing Ecosystem and Analytics at DXC Technology

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The GoodData advantage


  1. One platform for all: internal teams, client companies, external partners
  2. Self-service visualization for business users
  3. Your own branding
  4. Predictable pricing to suit your business, no pay-per-user
  5. The highest data privacy and security certifications


  1. Automated scaling to different departments and companies
  2. Embedded dashboards in your application or software product
  3. Streamlined multi-tenant change management
  4. Abundant data-source options
  5. Fully hosted or deployed as a container in your private or public cloud (on premises)

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