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Giving a New Meaning to Data Transformation

Customer Case Study: DXC Technology


Adapting to a Changing Business Environment

When DXC Technology needed to establish a marketing engine that would not only create brand awareness for the company, but also allow them to track the value and path of a lead as it traveled through the buyer’s journey, their greatest challenge was data centralization. Regional marketing and sales teams were using disparate automation and CRM tools, resulting in poor communication and overlap. And without a single source of truth, there were no shared KPIs by which to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Download the case study now to learn how DXC Technology leveraged GoodData to:

  • Develop a customized, singular, best-practice model for demand generation and lead management
  • Launch their solution in just 90 days
  • Demonstrate a 206% increase in MQLs to their executives on demand

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