Monetizing Analytics for a New Era of Customer Service

Monetizing Analytics for a New Era of Customer Service

Monetizing Analytics for a New Era of Customer Service

40,000+ companies around the world use Zendesk to engage with their customers and provide a beautifully simple customer service experience. “It’s hard work,” said Sam Boonin, VP of Products at Zendesk. “To deliver great customer service, our customers require a deep understanding of their own customer interactions and internal support workflows.”

In 2011, Zendesk knew that their customers needed more extensive reporting. They realized that delivering advanced analytics could be a game changer for their trial-to-pay business model.

Use case

Advanced analytics for customer service

Favorite metrics

Number of organizations that have upgraded

Best feature

Seamless integration to distribute analytics to customers

The Problem

Building the architecture to support premier analytics is no small investment. After some research, Zendesk found that it was significantly less expensive to partner with a third party to build their advanced analytics.

Seeking a cloud-based partner that could handle the scale of Zendesk’s business, they ultimately chose GoodData. The only outstanding question was, how would they leverage their new and improved analytics to enhance their trial-to-pay monetization model?

“Advanced Analytics has become the #1 reason our customers upgrade.”
Sam Boonin
Sam Boonin Vice President of Products, Zendesk

The Solution

In just 90 days, GoodData built Advanced Analytics seamlessly into Zendesk’s UI – a feature that is now the primary value add for their Plus and Enterprise plans. They quickly recognized the success of their monetization strategy, but over time have learned that it is also a significant competitive advantage. “From the day we introduced it, it became the #1 reason our customers upgrade,” Sam explains. “We have better analytics than almost all of our competitors and a lot of that comes through our partnership with GoodData”.

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What’s equally as impressive is the fact that 80% of Zendesk’s Plus and Enterprise customers continue to use the Advanced Analytics every day – creating a more sticky relationship with the product and reducing the probability for customers to churn. Sam says, “Investing in a more seamless analytics experience has contributed to the growth of our premium business, and adoption of the platform by our highest paying customers.”

Zendesk is all about improving the relationship between a business and their customers. Now with their Advanced Analytics, customers like ModCloth, Zuora, Elance, and WePay have immediate access to the insights they need to improve response times and, ultimately, their customer satisfaction.

Zendesk dashboards. All data has been generized.
Zendesk dashboards. All data has been generized.
Zendesk dashboards. All data has been generized
Results Results
  • Seamlessly integrated actionable insights
  • #1 reason customers upgrade
  • 80% of Plus and Enterprise customers use daily

Why the world’s top companies choose GoodData

GoodData is on a mission to break data silos. Real-time, open, secure, and scalable, GoodData’s leading composable data and analytics platform provides a single source of truth across organizations and to their customers. To this day, GoodData has helped more than 140,000 of the world’s top businesses deliver on their hosted or cloud-native analytics goals and scale their use cases — from self-service and embeddable analytics, to machine learning and IoT — all the while maintaining the performance, cost-efficiency, and easy change management of such a central and integrated solution. GoodData has teams in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, with customers including leading software companies (SaaS), global financial and payment institutions, and multi-brand e-commerce platforms.

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