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HIMSS Analytics Makes a Healthy Upgrade

HIMSS Analytics Makes a Healthy Upgrade

Customer Case Study: HIMSS

HIMSS Analytics Makes a Healthy Upgrade

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Diagnosing the problem

HIMSS Analytics is a global healthcare advisor, providing guidance and market intelligence solutions that move the industry forward with insight to enable better health through the use of IT. Key decision makers and influencers across various healthcare sectors depend on HIMSS Analytics’ resources, benchmarks, predictive models, and assessment tools to improve decision–making regarding health IT strategic road mapping, market strategy, and optimization. HIMSS Analytics is a part of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society).

Through HIMSS Analytics’ suite of benchmarks, customers receive guidance via a series of models, assessment tools, and advisory services. “We help healthcare organizations take their organizations to the next level by assisting them in measuring and understanding the value they bring to the healthcare market,” explains Miranda Ladue, VP, Operations & Solutions Management.

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