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Build scalable data products that give end users exactly what they need — from trustworthy and tested data to an intuitive no-code UI.

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Why GoodData Analytics?

Access endless possibilities to customize your visualizations

  • Create new visual elements in the GoodData visualization tool to craft custom-designed dashboards.
  • Style the look and feel of your analytics with your company's branding – including fonts, colors, and logos.

Scale your analytics with our multi-tenant architecture

Dynamically scale your analytics and accommodate increases in data volume, end users, and business partners.

  • Distribute personalized analytics instances to teams, partners, or customers via multitenancy.
  • Advanced caching delivers great performance and keeps cloud data warehouse costs low.

Distribute analytics wherever your users need it

Seamlessly embed interactive charts and dashboards into your apps, web portals, and workflows.

Harness the power of AI for unmatched efficiency

  • Use AI to rapidly create data products and integrate analytics capabilities wherever your users need them.
  • AI-powered features like forecasting, key driver analysis, and NLQ mean faster insights and faster decisions (test it in GoodData Labs).

Boost productivity with Analytics as Code

  • Create analytics environments faster than ever before with our code-based developer tools and blueprints.
  • Integrate analytics with CI/CD pipelines to automate development.

Design and implement analytics solutions in weeks—not years

GoodData's professional services will cover discovery, design, development, testing, launch, and maintenance to ensure success across the entire data and analytics lifecycle.

Everyone gets something from GoodData

Analytics Engineers Icon
Analytics Engineers Icon
Analytics Engineers

Skills: All code

Benefit from flexibility, re-usability and customization of “everything as code” as well as API and SDKs.

Data Analysts Icon
Data Analysts Icon
Data Analysts

Skills: Low code

Benefit from agility, skill improvement with “explain” functionality, small code edits, and time to value.

Consumers Icon
Consumers Icon

Skills: No code

Benefit from ease of use and AI-supported discovery via our FlexAI chatbot, auto-forecasting, and clustering.

Enjoy a wide range of features to develop and manage your data apps

React, Python, and JS SDKs
Open APIs
Declarative definitions
Data model builder
Ready for CI/CD
Microservice architecture
Built for the cloud
GoodData Developer Community
Semantic layer
For thousands of users
Drag and drop

GoodData analytics connects with

amazon redshift
google big query
postgre sql
synapse sql
microsoft sql server
mother duck
click house

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How to get started?

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