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Data source integration, embedded dashboards, multi-tenant analytics scaling, fully hosted or deployed as a container in your application — meets comprehensive tooling that simplifies every deployment.

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Powerful query engine

Our query language replaces hundreds and thousands of complex SQL queries with easy-to-use, modular, and reusable metrics that your users (i.e. business managers) understand at first sight. The query language enables you to reuse one metric query for thousands of reports in different contexts.

This saves you hours spent with refactoring. Less query code means fewer code changes and results in fewer broken queries, making it easy to write and maintain your data models.

Flexible embedding with your products and business applications

GoodData is an open, modular, and flexible platform that seamlessly integrates with your software product and infrastructure (embedding, customization, branding). Our reports, ad-hoc query tools, and dashboard building tools can be integrated with your application.

Embed features as React, Angular, Vue components, or as iFrames. GoodData supports standard single sign-on APIs for your users to share authentication and authorization within your application.

Self-service for users; less work for engineers

Allow your users to build their own reports and customizations using simple drag-and-drop report and dashboard builders. Your business managers can easily change visualization type, use additional filters, slice by different dimensions, or create a completely new dashboard — all with data that is easy to understand and organized by a logical data model.

Your users instantly receive the data visualizations they need, and they can also upload their data in the CSV format without needing support from data analysts and engineers.

Streamlined multi-tenant change management

Efficiently manage updates across different versions, and customers (i.e. companies) or teams. One of the keys to successful change management are logical data models (LDMs). An LDM describes the data structure and relationships between different data entities.

GoodData’s model is unique in that it allows you to add facts (number values), split dimensions (text values) or change relationships from one central place, without rewriting one-off queries or correcting joins. The LDM enables you to change the underlying physical data or the structure of the source data without impacting any of the reports that thousands of your users create.

Automated multi‑tenant analytics

Scale a comprehensive analytics solution — quickly and securely — to thousands of customers (i.e. companies), internal teams, and users.

Each of your customers are assigned a private GoodData workspace, containing a data model, dashboards, and reports. Workspaces are completely independent from each other, so customers will never have access to another company’s data. Separate workspaces can also be designed for different departments and user groups. As the technical owner, you can easily control which users can access which workspace.

Learn more about workspaces in this video.

Embedded analytics for software & SaaS applications

Integration with any data source

Our platform connects with over 150 (and counting) data sources, including Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery. Users can also upload their own CSV files or even synchronize CSV files from an AWS S3 bucket.

Supported data sources

Deploy anywhere

You can use the GoodData platform as a fully hosted service, or deploy it to your public or private cloud as a container. Optimize costs and effectively manage complexity while maintaining data security, privacy, and analytics performance.

Comprehensive usage monitoring

Analyze platform usage and see which dashboards, insights, and data your users care about most. Understand user behavior and respond to user insights to maximize adoption. GoodData’s usage monitoring capabilities also enable you to prototype new capabilities among certain user groups and understand how features are used. Our usage monitoring also allows you to review data ingestion, get failure alerts, and review data pipeline history.

Global security and management

The GoodData platform meets the highest standards and certifications: HIPAA, GDPR-S, SOC2, GDPR, and ISO 27001:2013. Our data centers in the US, EU, and Canada allow for regional compliance, backup, and fast recovery. Our airtight security infrastructure ensures complete separation of users and data between workspaces.

The GoodData advantage

One platform for external and internal users

Automated scaling to different companies and departments

1 TB per workspace

150+ data sources

BigQuery, Snowflake, AWS, CSVs

SSO and IP whitelisting

User interface in 6 languages

Data centers in the US, EU, Canada

Fully hosted platform

The highest data security certifications

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