When Should You Consider Snowflake+GoodData?

Applications with embedded computational and AI-driven insights at scale require IT capabilities that are beyond those typically needed to support traditional analytics use cases.

Read our latest article to better understand the requirements of large-scale embedded analytics deployments, including how GoodData can help maximize your TCO.

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Enabling the Next Generation of Large Scale Analytics

Powerful partners focused on the future of analytics

GoodData plus Snowflake provides unlimited scale with massive parallel distribution to power high-volume analytics at the point of work that are woven into the fabric of your business operations and customer experience.

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  • Get to Market Fast

    Snowflake customers can get up and running with GoodData analytics in record time, supported by GoodData’s automated data distribution and scalable platform.

  • Save Resources

    Reap the cost benefits of Snowflake’s elastic data store that responds to your data needs. Lower TCO with GoodData’s caching and query optimizations.

  • Build Once, Use Everywhere

    Use the same data in Snowflake for all of your users everywhere. No more building and synchronizing multiple analytic structures; do it once and let GoodData do it’s work automatically.

  • Be a Visionary

    Offer users a custom experience beyond embedded widgets and dashboards with GoodData’s completely open & customizable React JS library. Build anything you can imagine without compromising on speed or performance.

  • Get Ready for the Future

    Host, train, and productionalize predictive models to provide easy-to-use, augmented analytics to all of your users using all of your data by integrating Machine Learning into their workflows. Work from the full set of raw, granular data stored in Snowflake for the best possible insights.

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