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Empowering Building Administrators With Visitor and Occupant Insights

Empowering Building Administrators With Visitor and Occupant Insights

The Sharry platform connects office employees and visitors with their building administration, allowing smart access to the building and its amenities.

Empowering Building Administrators With Visitor and Occupant Insights

With the Sharry app, employees can swipe into the building or office, reserve a parking space, enter the garage, book a meeting, grant access to guests on a one-off or recurring basis, and more. Designed for Class A offices, the platform provides a complete multitouch experience and is compatible with mobile phones and smartwatches.

Over 40m sq. ft.

Sharry software powers a huge number of workplaces across the globe, including some of the world’s most iconic.


Users under Sharry management in their platform.

60 workspaces

Sharry leverages around 60 GoodData workspaces; all integrated into its product portfolio.

Challenges Challenges
  • An app that manages all of a building’s services in one place inevitably involves a lot of data. Sharry needed to make this available to building owners and enterprises to provide crucial information on how its amenities are used. How many people entered the building? How many reserved a parking spot? How many booked a hot desk? Answers to these questions would allow clients to manage their workplace based on real-time office occupancy and analytics. This in-depth information about what’s going on within their company (or across multiple sites) is a prerequisite for accurate data-based decisions.

“GoodData allows us to provide data to building owners and enterprises so that we can help them to understand what s going on in their buildings. Thanks to the effective lifecycle management we can stay agile and keep the data secure.”
Ondřej Langr
Ondřej Langr CPO at Sharry
Solution Solution
  • Implementing GoodData has enabled Sharry’s clients to receive analysis of their workplace data. They get an overview of the daily life of their office space, such as workplace occupancy, amenities utilization, parking data, and visitor traffic – all in one place. This enables them to create new strategies based on facts rather than assumptions. For example, whether to increase the capacity of parking spots is now easily answered; the data shows how many people use the current parking spaces and whether the capacity is sufficient.

Sharry’s clients view their data in their GoodData ‘workspace’. There's no limit to how many users can use one workspace, and when delivering analytics to partners and customers, it's possible to create several workspaces.

“Being an embedded analytics tool by design, the pricing model and security assurance were some of the things we most liked about GoodData. Pricing per workspace perfectly fits our client-oriented use case, while the data is clearly separated — ensuring the privacy and security of each client's data.”
Ondřej Langr
Ondřej Langr CPO at Sharry
Results Results

Sharry provides analytics to their clients and uses a similar model for internal data. Their software leverages around 60 white-labeled GoodData workspaces, all branded and themed, to match the Sharry design. With the help of GoodData, Sharry empowers buildings in New York, Boston, Chicago, Barcelona, Warsaw, and more. Their software is used by enterprises like Deloitte, Erste Group, Dell, and Citibank.

Sharry Tech Analytics Solution
“We have all of our dashboards branded, matching our design. Customization options, such as theming and branding, are definitely among the GoodData platform's advantages.”
Ondřej Langr
Ondřej Langr CPO at Sharry

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