How To Embed Analytics: Methods and Examples

How To Embed Analytics: Methods and Examples

How To Embed Analytics: Methods and Examples

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Data is the new language of business, and data-driven decision-making has become crucial for the success of every company. Embedded analytics incorporates data analysis into daily operations and decision-making processes, helping companies make the most of their data.

In this embedded analytics webinar, we will show you:

  • What embedded analytics means
  • What are the main benefits of embedded analytics
  • Which types of embedded analytics exist, including the differences
  • When and where to use each type of embedding

…all the knowledge you need to find success with embedded analytics.

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Tereza Seidelova

Content Creator

Tereza started her career at GoodData as part of the Product Marketing team. After quickly discovering her talent and inspiration for creating content, she became a key member of the content team. Delivering resources that inform and inspire people, such as ebooks, blog articles, and videos, is her mission at GoodData.

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