Next Generation Embedded BI Vendor Questions


The next generation of embedded BI technologies will offer software companies and enterprises new capabilities that enable insight-driven applications. These applications will integrate not just interactive but also actionable reporting and analytics right into the heart of applications and business processes making analytics contextual, actionable and pervasive. The embedded business intelligence tools of the future must offer deep UI integration and unprecedented interactivity, flexibility, and customization. 

An insights-driven application is one that goes beyond operational reporting and has six key characteristics:

  • Embeddable user-authored BI content
  • Seamless user experience
  • Operational and analytical BI
  • Support for insights-to-action
  • Scalability to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users
  • Integration and orchestration

Download this guide for a full list of questions that you can ask your IT team or potential Embedded BI vendor to ensure support for your end-users future needs.

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