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Turning Project Delivery Data Into Dollars

Turning Project Delivery Data Into Dollars

Turning Project Delivery Data Into Dollars

Creative and professional services businesses struggle to optimize their resource availability, projects, and profits as they grow. With no single technology solution in existence to help agencies and consultants deliver their work profitably, Mavenlink built the world’s leading cloudbased, enterprise-grade project delivery solution that transforms how businesses collaborate with teams and contractors around the globe.

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Embedded Analytics Take Business To The Next Level

In the services industry, project data generally exists in fragmented silos: resource scheduling, planning and delivering work, and tracking financials, all are done in different systems. It takes diligence — and a lot of spreadsheets — to extract performance analysis. First, Mavenlink needed to wrap all those capabilities up into one intuitive solution.

However, Mavenlink quickly learned that customers needed more than project delivery; they needed an in depth analysis of the data behind their business. As the company won larger and larger clients, they needed to add enterprise-grade analytics to their solution, so customers could quickly find answers to even the most complex questions: what is happening, why is it happening, and what can be done to improve it.

With GoodData, Mavenlink was able to accomplish several things at once:

  • Consolidate data from separate silos into one solution;
  • Offer powerful analytics that distribute one source of data to many different types of customers; and
  • Simultaneously create a new revenue stream to scale Mavenlink’s reach instantly and increase profits.

The Heroes In The Mavenlink Story

When customers can quantify their own success with a solution, it’s much easier to see the VALUE of investing time and money in a new software solution. Mavenlink Insights provides embedded analytics that show customers clear and tangible metrics as they improve project delivery. With GoodData as the analytics distribution platform powering Insights, Mavenlink was able to put people, projects and profits all in one place.

By exploring these analytics, Mavenlink customers instantly gain visibility into every project’s performance, each client’s profitability, and how individual resources are utilized. Armed with this enhanced insight, customers can now know which of their processes and best practices to replicate, and make changes to those that don’t prove profitable.

“We were looking to serve our customers by giving them a way to benefit from their own data.”
Keith Weissglass
Keith Weissglass Director, Product Marketing Mavenlink

“We wanted to get our customers out of spreadsheets and offer a modern BI platform without them having to do their own costly implementation, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Roger Neel, Founder and CTO of Mavenlink. “GoodData had the embedded analytics distribution platform we needed to accomplish that. Using their platform allowed us to focus on our customer’s needs rather than building a BI solution from scratch.”

With their new offering of real-time analytics and powerful custom reporting, Mavenlink Insights equips users across customer organizations to make more educated decisions about how to build their future as efficiently as they can gain control over margins, improve resource utilization, and better forecast revenue and costs.

So, now everyone from CEOs and CTOs to project managers and HR leads can get their questions answered using Mavenlink Insights. Answers which are always up-todate —because they live in the same solution customers use daily to manage tasks and schedules.

“[Insights] is literally transforming the way our customers run their business.”
Roger Neel
Roger Neel Founder & CTO Mavenlink

Opening New Doors While Proving Value

Thanks to feedback from existing customers, Mavenlink wasn’t worried about whether there would be demand for Insights. “As soon as our most sophisticated customers started using Mavenlink to deliver projects, they wanted to unlock answers about their business,” shares Mavenlink’s Director of Product Marketing, Keith Weissglass. “We were really looking to serve our customers by giving them a way to use and benefit from their own data.”

Mavelink dashboard

“Our goal at Mavenlink is to give our customers more control over the quality and profitability of the services they provide,” adds Neel. “For many customers, Mavenlink Insights is the first time they are able to see and get ahead of underlying issues impacting their team’s performance. It is literally transforming the way our customers run their business.”

Three top internal benefits discovered through partnering with GoodData include:

  • Increased adoption across customer organizations

Today, besides retaining customers by meeting their growing needs and expanding their potential with powerful embedded analytics, Mavenlink is finding that adoption within those organizations is increasing due to the customized reporting for different stakeholders made possible with GoodData.

  • Customization that is sustainable at scale

By partnering with GoodData, Mavenlink is able to offer highly customizable analytics without compromising the benefits of Mavenlink’s scalable, multi-enant SaaS solution. The interactive report builder makes it possible for customers to answer their own unique business questions.

  • New revenue streams

The key to unlocking value from analytics is effectively engaging each user. By helping customers leverage their business data using customizable dashboards, guided data discovery, and reports designed by industry experts, Mavenlink has created a new revenue stream with a datadriven product that fuels differentiation.

Additional resources

If you’d like to discover more about embedded analytics and the GoodData platform, we have a number of additional resources available. Visit GoodData’s embedded analytics website to learn more about different types of embedded analytics, solutions, benefits, and additional customer success stories.

With the embedded analytics trial, you can see GoodData’s analytics platform embedded in an application’s user interface so you can get a clear example of what embedded ad hoc data discovery looks like. Explore a demo application enhanced by analytics visualizations, then create analytical insights using an intuitive drag-and-drop experience.

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