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92% of companies fail to scale analytics. This is your opportunity to find out why. Unlock a free copy of the Gartner report to enhance your data-driven pursuits.

The Gartner report delves into the 4 vital areas of analytics everywhere:

  1. Alignment between data analytics initiatives and business strategy,
  2. The role of technical leaders, and, on the other side, the role of business leaders,
  3. (De)centralization of analytics capabilities across organizations,
  4. Analytics as a portfolio of different techniques and solutions.

What kind of insights will you find in the Gartner report?

Progress in big data and business intelligence transforms how companies organize, operate, manage talent, and create value.

Changes like these require buy-in from leadership at the top, and those who embrace these new opportunities increase their company’s odds of long-term success.

“Success is now increasingly determined by how well leaders inspire the use of data and analytics across an enterprise, fundamentally changing business outcomes,”

according to the Gartner report.

Unlock the whole report today. It’s available for a limited time.

Why choose GoodData analytics?

The GoodData one-to-many analytics platform is unique for specializing in two vital capabilities of modern and future-proof analytics:

  1. Efficient analytics scaling: Everything around the GoodData analytics platform is built to enable organizations to scale, manage, change, and control their analytics efficiently in terms of cost and time. You don’t pay per user, and the structure of the platform itself facilitates the control over hundreds of end users, metrics, and dashboards. 
  2. Embedded analytics: You’re able to integrate dashboards and insights into any business application that your end users (whether that’s your teams, partners, or customers) like to use or that you would like them to use.

All of this comes with interactive and attractive dashboards and a self-service interface where end users can create their own dashboards by simply dragging and dropping.

It's a powerful match for global, distributed organizations; ISVs (independent software vendors); and for SaaS applications that require embedding and scaling analytics, regardless of whether the analytics is needed in the context of big data, business intelligence, or data visualization.

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