Analytics: build vs. buy — the pros and cons

Analytics: build vs. buy — the pros and cons

Analytics: build vs. buy — the pros and cons

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In the world of business, profitability, sustainability, and performance there are two main reasons that prompt organizations to look into the field of data analytics platforms.

  1. Organizations want to nurture a data culture within their business, and shape their internal teams, or any other organizations related to their business (suppliers, partners, resellers, and so on), into being data-driven. And, therefore having easy and centrally-managed access to data, calculations, and information on a daily basis.
  2. Software companies (SaaS) develop their own product (application), and in order to enhance its offering and capabilities, they need to integrate the product with an analytics platform and turn the two products into one.

Software companies and resourceful organizations with well-equipped software engineering teams, in particular, then start to question whether or not it would be preferable, and more profitable, to build their own analytics solution perfectly aligned to their needs.

And that certainly is a fair question.

In this ebook we will assist you with informative guidance on this question, though the final answer will ultimately fall to your teams and organization.

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