Features overview

The analytics platform for every need

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Scalable, cost-efficient, and composable.
Easy to embed, easy to customize.

Connect and integrate
Connect and integrate

Connect your data sources

GoodData integrates with:

  • Data warehouses and databases (e.g., AWS Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Vertica)
  • Storage services (e.g., Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage)
  • Data source managers (e.g., Dremio, Apache Drill)
  • CSV files manually uploaded
  • And many others
Analyze and visualize

Create charts, reports, and dashboards

Ease of use for anybody

With drag-and-drop self-service and minimal training, business teams can (1) create their own new reports, visualizations, and dashboards, or (2) modify those built by your data teams.

Responsive and shareable

Reports and dashboards are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile, and can be easily shared via access rights, scheduled emails, and file exports.

Scale and distribute
Scale and distribute

Scale from one user group to thousands

Deliver a customizable solution to separate teams, departments, and client companies (referred to as user groups). Our unique multi-tenant architecture makes it all automated, fast, and secure.

No performance trade-off

Scale analytics efficiently in three dimensions: data volume, cost, and users — without sacrificing performance (e.g., cost, data speed, and IT agility).

Advanced lifecycle management

Thanks to GoodData’s LCM, data teams can configure and control multiple user groups, such as pushing updates to dashboards without breaking visualizations created by business teams.

No user-based pricing

Our analytics platform is priced by features and data volume — not per user or query.

Embed and compose UI
Embed and compose UI

Embed analytics into your product, portal, or app

GoodData is a leading embedded analytics provider. Seamlessly integrate your application with our data analytics tools, thus managing and versioning the two solutions as a whole. Or, embed and compose interfaces and charts without deep integration.

  • Easy embedding with your favorite SDKs (Vue, React, Angular) or iFrame
  • Low-code/no-code UI
  • White label to match your own brand
  • Per user group customization

Break data silos and remove bottlenecks

Empower your teams with data analytics

Combine and consume

Build consistent analytics with our headless BI engine

Our headless BI engine is a set of architecture components that enables you to connect analytics to any application, and gives you the flexibility to scale your analytics as needed.

Build consistent analytics with our headless BI engine

Any visualization tool

With analytics separated from visualization, you have the freedom to use multiple visualization tools (many heads) along with a single analytics engine.

A single source of truth

Your analytics is defined just once across all visualization tools, thus improving your data governance and consistency.

Real-time data

GoodData offers the option to directly connect to your database and instantly deliver data to analytics.

Modern development stack

GoodData is cloud native with open APIs, and stands on a future-proof microservices architecture.

Secure and protect
Secure and protect

Defend your data, users, and business

GoodData delivers a world-class security and compliance experience.

  • Our security features meet the highest global standards and certifications: HIPAA, GDPR-S, SOC2, PII, GDPR, ISO, and CCPA.
  • Our data centers in the U.S., EU, Canada and India allow for regional compliance, backup, and fast recovery.

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