Powerful, easy-to-use analytics

Expert insights for everyone—no PhD required.

Analytics anywhere

Dashboards to individual insights and tools for embedding analytics into a process or web, desktop, or mobile application.

Analytics for everyone

Custom visuals and interaction patterns, curated and self-service dashboards, and tools for any business user's experience.

Intuitive self-service

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop self-service analytics and discovery tools for business and power users.

Resilient analytics

Contextual data models and powerful, easy-to-use MAQL language—all designed for reusable metrics and resiliency.

Performance at scale

Powerful, distributed analytics that provide consistent, real-time performance for any number of clients.

Machine learning

Out-of-the-box and custom predictive or prescriptive algorithms, with continuous retraining and calibration.

Robust and flexible data integration

Modular data pipeline that integrates with your business model and existing tech stack.

Fast and easy

Easy out-of-the-box integration with existing cloud or on-premise data warehouses.

Any type of data

Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from any source, including third-party APIs, data streams and MQs.

Use the tools you already know

Flexible data processing with preferred tools like SQL, Python, Ruby, R, Scala, Docker, or machine learning scripts.

Automated distribution

Easy scheduling and distribution of data to any segment, including product, customer, department, or region.

Any data volume

Ready for massive-scale analytics, from tens to 50k+ tenants with TBs of data.

Reusable modules

Out-of-the-box data integration components for greater efficiency and productivity.

Open platform for developers Open platform for developers - Merged

Open platform for developers

Rich set of APIs and development frameworks to integrate with your existing development, data, and UI stack

First-class dev support

Language bindings for Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Python, and more.

Full API coverage

APIs for full control over platform provisioning, configuration, and management.

Infinitely flexible UI

Build anything and embed anywhere using fully white labeled iFrames or our modern library which supports more than 2,000 React JavaScript components.

Bring your own tools

Bring your tools for data preparation (SQL, Python, R, Scala, Docker, machine learning scripts) and front-end integrations (JavaScript, React, Angular).

Enterprise-grade security and governance

Change control, solution monitoring, auditing for enterprise-level security, HIPAA and GDPR compliance, all through a single SLA.

Change management

Agile life cycle management tools that allow you to easily distribute changes to thousands of workspaces at once.

Real-time provisioning

Automated provisioning of new customers, users, roles, and permissions.

Monitor adoption and usage

Tools to track usage, adoption, data distribution, and real-time events for SIEM integration.

Serverless platform

Fully managed cloud platform with 99.5% SLA—no server or hardware management.

Worldwide data centers

Data centers around the world in the US, EU, and Canada for regional compliance, backup, and fast recovery.

Enterprise Security

Security and privacy that meets the requirements of SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001.

Sam Boonin - Zendesk


“Investing in a more seamless analytics experience has contributed to the growth of our premium business, and adoption of the platform by our highest paying customers.”

Sam Boonin, VP Product Strategy

John Morhous - FCM Travel Solutions


"Partnering with GoodData gave us the whole package — advanced capabilities, competitive advantage, and a clear value driver. Our customers have never been happier."

John Morhous, CTO

Mike Shipley - Fourth


“The level of growth we’ve experienced would not have been possible without our partnership with GoodData.”

Mike Shipley, Analytics and Insight Solution Director

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