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Insights Delivered at the Point of Work


Smart Business Applications go beyond traditional BI dashboards, integrating digital insights at the point of work, so that users make more intelligent decisions, faster. Smart Business Applications also predict and learn from user actions, resulting in automated improvements over time.

GoodData Enterprise Insights Platform is an end-to-end, highly scalable and secure cloud analytics architecture, that powers the entire data pipeline from data ingestion to insights delivery.


How We Are Different


Get up and running in 8-10 weeks. We enable rapid releases so you can meet the ongoing evolution of the users' needs.

We Grow With You

GoodData is scalable to ingest petabytes of data and serve hundreds of thousands of customers, partners, locations, and users.


GoodData fits into your product and your infrastructure so you can build what you envision, without compromises.

Reduce Your Costs

GoodData lowers your total cost of ownership by at least 5x compared to building yourself.

Compliance & Governance

Manage, monitor and innovate at scale with enterprise-grade security including SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001 and more.

DoubleVerify Customer Story

“We’ve continued to invest heavily in our partnership with GoodData as they have proven time and again that they can manage the enormous amount of data our growth has created. Our customers love the in-depth analysis and real-time visualization we are able to provide through our partnership. In the last year we saw 300 percent growth in data volume demonstrating GoodData’s unique capability to meet all requirements of our enterprise clients.”

Matt McLaughlin, COO, DoubleVerify

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Platform Overview

Learn more about GoodData's highly scalable and secure Enterprise Insights Platform.

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Explore the evolution of analytical functionality and responsibility and their subsequent extension from the IT line-of-business to an increasingly non-technical userbase.

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Why GoodData?

Learn why GoodData is the best fit for your organization through the lens of an embedded analytics practitioner.

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