GoodData + Vertica

Build cloud-native self-service analytics on top of your Vertica database, using your infrastructure.

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Agile continuous delivery icon
Agile continuous delivery

All elements of your analytics can be versioned, merged, automatically tested, and rolled out to production. Designed for DataOPS everyday needs.

Self-service analytics tools icon
Self-service analytics tools

Easy-to-use analytics tools and visuals, such as dashboards and insights, are manageable for non-technical users.

GoodData.UI SDK icon
GoodData.UI SDK

The powerful GoodData.UI SDK works with frontend frameworks, such as React, Angular, or Vue as well as with pure JavaScript to support the creation of data applications.

Built-in multitenancy icon
Built-in multitenancy

Secure analytics for your internal teams and external business partners.

Vertica’s high-performing, highly scalable data warehouse with advanced analytics and machine learning addresses the most demanding analytical use cases.

Data sampling

Data sampling

Explore trends in large data volumes that contain billions of records — just by analyzing a sample of the data.

Approximate functions

Approximate functions

Speed up performance by approximating results of custom metrics.

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