Composable data and analytics for financial services

Scale your analytics and monetize your data

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Scale your analytics and monetize your data
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Why GoodData?

Over 140,000 organizations across the globe have leveraged GoodData to solve for their analytics goals.

Build a custom analytics experience that enables your organization to monetize data, while scaling insights with superior and more intuitive visualizations. GoodData’s self-service capabilities enable all users to access business insights and build custom dashboards, charts, and graphs.

  • Empower data-driven decision making across organizations
  • Respond quickly to changing business needs
  • Enable customers and employees to leverage data for internal and external usage
  • Identify opportunities to optimize revenue and increase overall customer satisfaction
  • Gain deeper visibility into industry insights
  • Detect anomalies, better assess risk, and increase speed of decision making
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Measure and prevent fraud with data-driven rules and decision-making

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Help institutions evaluate and improve consumer financial health

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Mitigate risk in real-time and create highly personalized experiences

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Capital markets

Monitor success and provide data support for advisors and investors alike

Use your data to increase ROI

GoodData is the only all-in-one business intelligence platform that enables your organization and customers to make better data-driven decisions.

Self-service analytics and data visualization

Self-service analytics and data visualization

Provide users — lenders, advisors, banks, analysts, managers — with an easy-to-use self-service interface that allows them to build custom dashboards and reports without any additional help. GoodData also integrates with traditional BI tools.

Accurate data and precise metrics

Every industry that operates under the umbrella of financial services moves fast and with little room for error. Boost confidence in your data with our proprietary semantic layer, which ensures common understanding across the business, regardless of who is accessing insights.

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Embedded analytics at the point of work

Our analytics meet your users and customers at the point of work — embedded in your tools, software, and products. Customize your analytics interface to blend naturally with your branding, or use GoodData as a standalone tool.

Scalable and cost-efficient analytics

As the use cases for financial services expand — such as those in financial health, fraud management, and core system workarounds — so does the potential for creating competitive advantage with data and analytics.

Internal and external customer needs fulfilled

Internal and external customer needs fulfilled

The GoodData platform is flexible to fit your requirements, whether those are internal business intelligence or customer-facing analytics. A multifaceted approach to analytics is only fitting for an industry as diverse as financial services.

Secure analytics for regulatory compliance

Secure analytics for regulatory compliance

GoodData’s best-in-class security standards will help you maintain compliance as regulations change with uncertainties related to the ongoing pandemic.

ISO 27001:2013 COMPLIANT
SOC 2 TYPE II Certified
GDPR Article 9

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