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Every software product needs a good analytics solution for its customers

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Three reasons to choose GoodData for your SaaS product or business application

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weeks to launch

Fast-8 week deployment, versus several months.

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$4 return for
$1 invested

More cost-efficient, with an average return of $4 for every dollar invested.

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of your customers

Scaling quickly to 1000s of your customers, like never before.

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How Zendesk used the GoodData platform to grow from a startup to a global brand

GoodData ebook


Embedded analytics in your software product – 10 things you need to consider

Sam Boonin

“From the day we introduced GoodData, it became the #1 reason our customers upgraded. We have better analytics than almost all of our competitors, and a lot of that comes through our partnership with GoodData.”

Sam Boonin

Vice President of Products, Zendesk

Personalized, embedded analytics tools for any SaaS product or business application

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