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Maximize. Enable brands & suppliers to create reports and dashboards based on your data.

Provide data analytics capabilities to your brands & suppliers, not just to your operations, sales and internal departments. Promote a common understanding of how to drive your business forward and maximize your revenue. ALIGN YOUR BUSINESS throughout, from start to finish.

Monetize. Create a new revenue stream from data you already collect.

Create free and paid data tiers for your brands & suppliers, one with basic insights and another more in-depth. Turn data you already collect - about products, sales, operations, competitors, customers, and their choices - into a NEW REVENUE stream.


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Product operations insights

  • Do we have enough stock for every product and size S/M/L?
  • Is there any new trend emerging that might require increased stock for a specific product?
  • What is the main reason for returning the product?
  • Which products are the best sellers this week?
  • How are we doing in-store vs. online?
Product operations insight

In-depth sales insights

  • How are we doing in sales, growth, margin WTW, MTM, YTY?
  • Are we going to achieve the sales target for this month?
  • Who likes to buy what product? (demography, geo location)
  • What product is the most popular per demography/geo location?
  • How do we compare to other brands?
In-depth sales insights

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The GoodData platform is the only BI solution primed for e-commerce profitability, and cost-efficient rapid scaling of a single analytics tool for every team, inside and out.

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