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Data-Driven Decision-Making for a Creative Industry

Data-Driven Decision-Making for a Creative Industry

Redbubble partnered with GoodData to achieve organization-wide operational efficiencies

Data-Driven Decision-Making for a Creative Industry

Results with GoodData:

  • Two-week self-service implementation after requirements defined
  • Unification of six disparate sources of data
  • Enhanced performance of marketing programs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  • Organization-wide operational efficiencies achieved

Customer Since:


Use Case:

Operations, Legal, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales Analytics


GoodData Platform

Analog Processes in a Digital World

An online global marketplace featuring high-quality apparel, artwork, and home decor products with an extensive variety of unique designs — Redbubble.com is redefining the way independent artists around the world market and distribute their work to consumers. Redbubble stands for artists, allowing them to choose how their work is used and at what price while minimizing the associated logistical overhead by taking care of online marketing, payment processing, and fulfillment.

As a young company growing rapidly, Redbubble was coping with an abundance of data, spanning all areas of their organization. They knew that the insights within that data were essential to maintaining the positive trajectory of their online platform, but unearthing them was a whole other issue.

“We weren’t looking at data in the same way before getting GoodData. It was more about ‘I think’ rather than ‘I know’. Now we are making true data-driven decisions.”
Manoj Yadav
Manoj Yadav Director of Business Analytics at Redbubble.com

Creative Solutions to Data Challenges

Redbubble wanted an analytics tool that could bring all their data together, allowing them to transform it and load it into a single, manipulable source they could mine for critical information. As a 100% cloud-based operation, they were looking for a cloud-based analytics partner who wouldn’t add complexity to their technology stack. They didn’t want to have to hire a team or start managing their own data center.

After evaluating other vendors, Redbubble chose GoodData for its superior ETL capabilities and ease of use. After working with the GoodData team to define requirements, Manoj was able to manage the implementation on his own, rolling it out in sprints across the organization starting at just two weeks. The solution was first introduced to operations, then sales and marketing. Ultimately, Redbubble was able to combine six disparate sources of data, which used to live in silos, into a single source of truth to fuel informed decision-making.

Redbubble provide creative solutions to data challenges

Organization-wide Benefits

GoodData was soon delivering returns organization-wide. Said Manoj, “Once we got GoodData going, we were able to bring in information from new departments who had limited visibility into the impact of their work on the company’s business.” Within eight months of the initial launch, Manoj was spending a full 50% of his time iterating on the platform to meet the needs of different groups, producing new reports every week. GoodData was soon implemented in virtually every arm of the company.

Sales and Marketing:

• Their initial project involved producing reports in collaboration with the COO that would allow them to evaluate sales trends by product, country, and more, drilling into dashboards to mine valuable insights.

• They then added marketing into the mix, looking at things like email and SEM campaign performance, the effectiveness of coupons, and customer lifecycle. They were able to identify that the first three months after the initial purchase were critical to customer retention.

Operations and Customer Service:

• Redbubble began to dig into customer service data, overlaying it with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to find the correlation. They discovered new ways to categorize complaints regionally to find causes of customer complaints, quickly solving shipping issues they were having with a provider to achieve improved NPS.

Legal and Finance:

• Legal began leveraging data to automate the tracking of copyright violations, significantly reducing risk for the company, while ensuring compliance. • Finance began producing regular reports across a spectrum of measurement points, helping the company better understand their position

Manoj trained one department at a time, in total ramping more than five departments into the system, with over 60 accounts between them. More than 25% of Redbubble is now using GoodData analytics to inform their critical business decisions. Manoj and Redbubble are excited about all the ways in which data can transform their business.

“Every time I show someone the platform, their eyes get big. People keep thinking of new ways in which we can discover and report on information. They almost can’t believe it’s possible. ”
Manoj Yadav Director of Business Analytics at Redbubble.com

The GoodData Advantage:


  1. One platform for all: internal teams, client companies, external partners
  2. Self-service visualization for business users
  3. Your own branding
  4. Predictable pricing to suit your business, no pay-per-user
  5. The highest data privacy and security certifications


  1. Automated scaling to different departments and companies
  2. Embedded dashboards in your application or software product
  3. Streamlined multi-tenant change management
  4. Abundant data-source options
  5. Fully hosted or deployed as a container in your private or public cloud (on premises)

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