Composable data and analytics

An architecture like Legos – use only what you need and compose individual components together as required.

Our composable data and analytics platform enables collaboration between business users and IT for any of their data use cases — from self-service and embeddable analytics, to machine learning and IoT — while maintaining performance, cost-efficiency, and easy change management.

Composable data schema

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What can you build with composable data and analytics?

Self-service analytics
Low-code/no-code capabilities

Self-service analytics

GoodData's platform facilitates analytics for everyone. Business managers and specialists instantly access, create, or adjust graphs and dashboards, while developers easily build custom analytics interfaces or applications.

Productivity apps
Infuse analytics right where you need them

Productivity apps

Optimize workflows for everyone by infusing analytics directly into the productivity applications they use. Without a hard-coded user interface, GoodData can integrate with productivity applications including Slack, Chrome, Jupyter Notebooks, or even your CRM software.

Streamline and simplify access to business insights


GoodData enables integration with multi-experience platforms for embedded use cases. For example, chatbots or voice-based AI tools and applications can leverage access to insights delivered by GoodData's platform.

Enable smarter decision-making


Utilize predictive analytics and advanced data modeling for forward-looking data analysis. GoodData's analytics engine offers AI and machine learning capabilities, along with integrations for automation services to allow deeper data exploration.

Legacy BI tools
Leverage any front-end BI tool

Legacy BI tools

Connect any front-end visualization tool such as Excel, PowerBI, or Tableau to the engine's semantic layer — via APIs and standard interfaces — and consume the same consistent analytics in real time, anywhere.

embedded analytics
Embed and compose UI

Embedded analytics

Seamlessly integrate your application with our data analytics solution, thus managing and versioning the two solutions as a whole. Or, embed and compose interfaces and charts without deep integration.

  • Easy embedding with your favorite SDKs (Vue, React, Angular) or iFrame
  • Developer-friendly — use APIs or SDK
  • White label to match your own brand
  • Per user group customization

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