Updates in GoodData: Report and Dashboard Sharing via Email

Written by Harry Dix  | 

Updates in GoodData: Report and Dashboard Sharing via Email

Did someone say more customization and sharing capabilities while using embedded analytics? Well, our users asked, and we answered! GoodData released updates to support the sharing of pertinent data through the ability to send reports or dashboards via email, live or scheduled.

Share Dashboards or Reports

While automating the emailing of dashboards is undoubtedly useful, sometimes an end user might only want to see a specific report or insight. With the latest update, you can send exactly what the end user wants to see (or what you want the end user to see), omitting anything that might be irrelevant or surplus to requirements.

Manage Scheduled Emails From the Embedded Environment

While it has always been possible to see and manage the list of scheduled emails in the GoodData analytics environment, it is now possible to view the schedule directly within your embedded analytics environment! Through this update, there is no longer the need to log into another platform or build it into your product.

Image showing name of dashboard that is scheduled for sharing on a weekly basis, with option to add additional scheduled items.
View scheduled emails directly within your embedded analytics environment.

How to Automate Your Emails

Setting up the email automation for your reports and insights is similar to that of data dashboards and can be set up from the desired dashboard.

  1. Hover your mouse over an insight.
  2. Click the three dots.
  3. Click schedule export.
  4. Follow the same process as for scheduling the emailing of a whole dashboard.

If you’re unfamiliar with setting scheduled dashboards, see the complete step-by-step guide in our documentation.

Cursor hovers over an icon with three dots that is associated with a report. A side bar displays options to export or schedule export.
Easily set up email automation for specific reports or insights.

Ready to Learn More?

For more information on how to use this powerful feature in your GoodData analytics solution, head to our documentation page. Looking to monetize this feature or have any further questions? Reach out to us here or contact your customer success manager.

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Written by Harry Dix  | 


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