3 Benefits of Scheduling Reports in GoodData

Written by Harry Dix  | 

3 Benefits of Scheduling Reports in GoodData

In a recent article, we discussed the insight automation updates GoodData launched and how to use them. Now our focus is on how these updates directly benefit you because this update was crafted with you in mind. So, without further ado, let's dive into the benefits of sharing dashboards and insights via automated emails!

Increase Your Productivity

With how technology and roles have evolved over the last decade, everyone is seeking to streamline their work and work smarter, not harder. GoodData understands this and recognizes the need to enable our users to stay effortlessly in their flow state. The latest update increases productivity by enabling you to automate sharing of specific insights via email to users without ever leaving the embedded platform. Previously, only reports could be shared via automated email from the GoodData platform.

Help Users Receive the Most Relevant Information

Particularly for business (non-technical) users, who may only require periodic access to specific data insights, having the necessary information within their workflow (i.e., accessible within their core applications) is crucial. It ensures they obtain the information they need, when they need it, without having to deviate or master another application. In this instance, automation becomes invaluable. By having dashboards or insights atomically emailed to their inbox, they receive just the data they need at a time that suits their needs at whatever frequency they deem fit.

Encourage More Users to Utilize Analytics

Sharing relevant information and increasing productivity aren't the only ways this feature update can benefit you. These emails may encourage end users to become more involved in analytics, regardless of whether or not they are internal or external end users. For instance, this could be to drill deeper into/filter the information in the dashboard or insight they have received by reaching out to access your product or services. Additionally, internal end users may become more involved in the GoodData platform to make more data-informed decisions which can directly benefit the organization.

Looking for More?

GoodData recently launched its latest product, GoodData Cloud. If our latest product isn’t of interest, we have many other things that can support your data journey. For instance, we took the time to explain multi-tenant analytics and relational and dimensional data models. Have questions for us? Reach out to us here.

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Written by Harry Dix  | 


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