Serving Up Higher Margins for Restaurants

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Increase Visibility For Suppliers

Show suppliers how they compare with others to increase your negotiation power.

Improve Efficiencies

Give local managers the insights they need to improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

Prove Your Value

Differentiate the value of your franchise and demonstrate expected return to potential franchise owners.

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The GoodData Difference for the Restaurant Industry

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Restaurant Analytics

Unleash the Value of Restaurant Data

  • Create standardized scorecards to help restaurant managers benchmark their performance against others
  • Distribute demand forecasts to incentivize suppliers to optimize their supply chains
  • Consolidate data from all locations to identify best practices and improve margins at a global level

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Firehouse Subs

Discover how Firehouse Subs uses GoodData-powered analytics to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and react quickly to market changes.

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Restaurant Franchise Analytics

The “age of the customer” challenges QSR franchises.

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Boost Franchise Performance

Three Ways Restaurants can Boost Franchise Performance with Distributed Analytics

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Food for Thought

Data Driven QSR Customer Experience and Innovation: Part I

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