GoodData Resource Library

  • 03.19.21
    ELEVATE Analytics is a comprehensive tool within the ELEVATE platform, giving users visibility into performance, spend, and workforce deployment.
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  • 03.12.21
    CompareNetworks integrated GoodData into their imSMART platform to bring sophisticated cloud-based data analytics to the science and healthcare industry.
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  • 03.05.21
    Learn how Zendesk built advanced analytics seamlessly into Zendesk's UI in 90 days to serve 40,000+ companies around the world and deliver a beautifully simple customer service experience.
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  • 03.03.21
    Technomic’s Ignite Consumer product leverages both GoodData and custom development to deliver key insights and intelligence to the foodservice industry.
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  • 02.02.21
    Over three years, TransTrack has used embedded analytics from GoodData to achieve 98% customer retention.
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  • 07.16.20
    Learn how Zalando has been growing with data analytics. Helping 1,000s of brand partners optimize their e-commerce strategy and grow their online sales, benefiting Zalando and their brands alike.
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  • 04.27.20
    TownNews is a leading provider of content management systems and platforms for U.S. media organizations. Most of its customers, mid-sized to smaller community-based outlets, lacked deep insight into their content assets. Working with GoodData, it deployed “Data Insights” to provide its customers with robust new tools for gathering, understanding, and acting upon the data that impacts their businesses.
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  • 04.14.20
    GMV Syncromatics is the leader in building dispatch and reporting solutions for transit agencies. It takes the mountain of data that buses generate and makes it immediately available to help agencies better track ridership, bus and route performance to make sure they devote resources in the most optimal manner.
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  • 06.18.19
    Saleshood helps sales leaders improve processes and increase revenue by creating a customized analytics experience and making business intelligence part of their platform.
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