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Radiant Advisors - The Data Visualization Competency Center

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Radiant Advisors - The Data Visualization Competency Center


Data visualization offers a tremendous opportunity to reach insights from data by leveraging our intrinsic hard-wiring to understand complex information visually. However, successful data visualization requires using the right kind of graphicacy to correctly interpret and analyze the data, as well as employing the right combination of design principles to curate a meaningful story.

This report introduces the role of the Data Visualization Competency Center (DVCC)™ to support the use of effective self-service data visualization by providing best practices, standards, and education on how these information assets should be designed, created, and leveraged in the business. The DVCC has three core competencies that are explored in more depth throughout this report:

  • Educate users on visual design principles and key cognitive elements affected by data visualization
  • Provide best practices and proven standards for understanding types of data and how to visually present them
  • Foster a culture of communication, collaboration, and collective learning that enables a review network for newly created data visualizations

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