GoodMeetup #4: The Modern Frontend: UX, AI, and Beyond

GoodMeetup #4: The Modern Frontend: UX, AI, and Beyond

GoodMeetup #4: The Modern Frontend: UX, AI, and Beyond

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Missed GoodMeetup #4 on The Modern Frontend: UX, AI, and Beyond? Watch the recording now!

Experience in-depth talks by expert speakers to learn more about the relationship between front-end development and UX, how to integrate generative AI from a front-end developer perspective, and hear real life challenges of front-end implementation.

Software engineers, data engineers, front-end developers, UI designers, and anyone interested in front-end development should be sure to watch!

Watch the recording to discover:

  • Integrating AI: From an FE Developer POV by Andy Chumak
  • UX of AI (not only) for Data Analytics by Václav Kocián
  • Should You Use Next.js for Your Next Project? by Patrik Braborec:
  • Building Data Applications for All by Lukáš Ther and Petr Kašpar

Meet the speakers

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Andy Chumak

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Andy has over 13 years of experience in software engineering. He began working with GoodData as a Sr. Product Manager, collaborating on product strategy, roadmaps, and the preparation of individual features. He recently moved to engineering, where he focuses on the Developer Experience — with topics such as embedding, SDKs, and analytics as code.
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Václav Kocián

Senior UX Designer in Professional Services

Václav is a UX Designer with a strong background in business analysis and technology. He spends his time exploring and uncovering customer needs as well as designing highly usable and meaningful dashboards in GoodData's Professional Services team.
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Patrik Braborec

Full-Stack Engineer

Patrik is an engineer with experience in both frontend and backend, with a primary focus on the JavaScript ecosystem. Currently, he is developing a dashboard application for the autoscaling platform called Kedify.

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