An Introduction To Analytics as Code and the VS Code Plugin

An Introduction To Analytics as Code and the VS Code Plugin

An Introduction To Analytics as Code and the VS Code Plugin

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Discover how Analytics as Code (AaC) leverages the power of software engineering principles to drive agility, efficiency, and scalability in your analytics processes. We'll also discuss the GoodData for VS Code extension, which allows analytics engineers to experience a seamless day-to-day workflow and fully leverage the AaC approach.

You’ll learn how AaC can help with:

  • Automation: Automating solutions via code simplifies deployment and increases efficiency.
  • Collaboration: Collaborative coding platforms like GitHub or GitLab enable seamless teamwork.
  • Governance: With AaC, every iteration of a solution is securely stored and revertible.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Analytics as Code can streamline your data analytics development!

Meet the speakers

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Andy Chumak

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Andy has over 13 years of experience in software engineering. He began working with GoodData as a Sr. Product Manager, collaborating on product strategy, roadmaps, and the preparation of individual features. He recently moved to engineering, where he focuses on the Developer Experience — with topics such as embedding, SDKs, and analytics as code.
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Tomas Muchka

Principal UX Designer

Tomas is a Principal UX Designer at GoodData and has delivered his wealth of user-focused knowledge and expertise for the past six years. His areas of focus include both the analytics builder and overall develeper experience within GoodData Cloud.

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