GoodData Technical Architecture Series: What is a Semantic Layer?


On the first of our monthly Technical Architecture Series Cameron O'Rourke, GoodData's Director of Technical Product Marketing, dives into the GoodData's platform and technology, providing an inside view for technology evaluators and BI developers.

What is a Semantic Layer?

When building out an analytic system, how do you ensure that everyone is on the same page, getting the same results? How do you make it easy for your end users to find their own answers? In this webinar, Cameron dives into the specifics of measures, metrics and insights, and show how GoodData's semantic layer provides everything from data governance to better performance to a more agile development team. The semantic layer is also responsible for translating source data into business terms, and we will see a demonstration of GoodData's Analytical Designer, the easy-to-use insight creator that you can actually deploy to all of your business users, as a great example of the power of layered metrics design.

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