Creating an Interactive Data Experience

Creating an Interactive Data Experience

Creating an Interactive Data Experience

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There’s no question that giving employees and customers access to analytics offers significant added value.

However, simply providing your users with an analytics dashboard is not enough. In order to truly empower your end-users with data, you need to create an intuitive and effective data experience.

In this webinar, our GoodData expert will guide you through:

  • The concepts of data storytelling; whether you are building dashboards or individual visualizations.
  • How to design dashboards and use the right visualizations to help end users understand the data.
  • How to build an efficient, user-friendly analytics experience into your software product, application, or web portal.

Meet the speakers

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Tom Kratochvil

Sr. Manager

With over 11 years in the global software industry, Tom has been striving to build the right products and services for the right audience at the right time, wearing the hats of technical product management and product marketing. At GoodData, Tom brings a powerful, cost-efficient, and fully customizable analytics platform to numerous teams all over the world. Tom believes product managers need to deliver not only data but more importantly to tell a story through the data. Effective customer-facing analytics goes way beyond embedded dashboards.

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