Aberdeen: Embedded Analytics Survey Driving Toward Analytical Ubiquity with Embedded BI


Today's analytics must serve multiple user types. The initial wave of BI, almost exclusively owned and operated by IT, produced highly static and inflexible views of organizational data. The next iteration was more flexible and allowed for more exploratory activity, but was mainly geared toward analysts and those otherwise close to the data. Entering it’s 3rd wave now, modern analytics must support a much wider variety of non-technical users while still integrating well within the current IT infrastructure.

A pillar of this 3rd wave is embedded analytics which places the analytics directly into the everyday user application. ISVs and enterprises who have adopted this strategy are seeing their applications become stickier with a new competitive advantage and revenue stream as well.

This survey uncovers:

  • Why embedded analytics?
  • Defining the best in class providers
  • Uncovering the key capabilities to support embedded BI
  • Understanding the ROI behind embedded BI

Download the report on this survey for a deep dive into embedded BI to see the benefits and landscape of the next generation of BI.


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