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  • 06.09.20
    How to drive e-commerce success with business analytics - Download the eBook and learn how to maximize your revenue and cooperate with 100s of brands and suppliers in an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment. The best for: retail, travel, hospitality, finance, and many other industries.
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  • 03.30.20
    Watch this webinar to learn about the critical role that analytics plays in modern SaaS applications and the benefits it brings to successful SaaS product adoption.
  • 02.15.19
    Learn how GoodData platform addresses the complexities associated with delivering analytics to anyone, everywhere business is done.
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  • 07.08.20
    Delivering powerful analytics to our business partners’ - is likely your current company goal. In this paper, we’ll describe 3 anti-patterns you should watch out for when building analytics as well as how GoodData can solve them.
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  • 07.03.20
    Watch this video and learn what the new world of modern eCommerce analytics looks like.
  • 07.03.20
    In this report, Forrester outlines the growth of the data market, how insights services drive differentiation. and techniques for commercializing or sharing their data for revenue. Statistics and case studies are used to demonstrate the growth of the market as well as ways for experienced and inexperienced companies to make improvements on their data market business model.
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  • 06.30.20
    In this Data Engineering Podcast episode Sheila Jung and Philip Farr discuss how the GoodData platform is being used, how it is architected to provide scalable and performant analytics, and how it integrates into customer’s data platforms. This was an interesting conversation about a different approach to business intelligence and the importance of expanded access to data.
  • 06.29.20
    GoodData and Visa: A common data-driven future? Backstage chat featuring GoodData CEO and Founder Roman Stanek
  • 06.26.20
    This webinar will help you become the best sales channel for your brands and suppliers. You will increase the loyalty of your existing brands as well as acquiring new ones.

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