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Build consistent, real-time analytics — consumable anywhere — from any data source without costly data warehousing.

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Instant access to data and analytics from any source icon
Instant access to data and analytics from any source

No more costly, complex, or rigid data pipelines. Eliminate performance-hindering copies of data and execute analytics directly from your data sources — SQL, NoSQL, File systems, and more.

Consistent data semantics as a shared service icon
Consistent data semantics as a shared service

Eliminate sprawled and inconsistent, siloed definitions of data. Distribute consistent and standardized analytics to every data consumer via APIs and standard protocols.

Flexible deployment icon
Flexible deployment

Cloud-native architecture with containerized microservices enable deployment via technologies like Docker and Kubernetes in any cloud — AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Self-service analytics tools icon
Self-service analytics tools

Embed easy-to-use analytics tools and visuals, including dashboards and insights, right into your applications.

Consistent analytics anywhere

GoodData’s headless BI engine decouples analytics from consumption: Exposing a common semantic layer — via APIs and standard protocols — allows apps, BI tools, and ML/AI notebooks to access standardized metrics company-wide. This centralized metrics consumption enables data engineers, analysts, and end users to work with the same consistent analytics, using tools that are familiar to them.

Unify all data sources in real time

Unify all data sources in real time

Dremio connects to multiple data lake sources and enables real-time data querying and analysis from any combination of relational databases, NoSQL, distributed files, and more as if it were all residing within a single, harmonized data store — without actually moving any data.

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