Turn Your Insurance Data into Actionable Insights

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The Challenge

The insurance industry has never been short of analysis. Your analysts are busy creating market impacting insights, however, very few companies can deliver them quickly across the enterprise to the right person, such as adjusters, underwriters, marketers, who need them most. Once deployed, these analytics models can no longer be modified to adapt to changes in business strategy. The delayed time to results and lack of insight agility negatively impact your business.


The Solution

GoodData Insurance solutions deliver speed and agility to insurance organizations by leveraging data and advanced analytics.

Purposely built to enhance critical insurance processes such as underwriting, claims and customer acquisition, GoodData Insurance solutions accelerate analytics and insights delivery across the entire enterprise to drive improved efficiency, reduced cost, increased profit and greater customer satisfaction.

How insurers can future-proof for tomorrow with analytics

Respond to today’s insuretech challenges and future-proof for tomorrow

GoodData Solutions for Insurance

Speed. Insights. Agility.

Claims Insights

Provides a 360-degree view of the claims by combining internal and external claims data. Improves adjusting accuracy, quickly detects fraud by distributing analytics and actionable insights to adjusters and fraud team across the claims process.

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Underwriting Insights

Enables timely delivery of insights to support better risk assessment and pricing decisions. The closed-loop feedback system learns from end-user responses to drive continuous improvement of the underwriting process.

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Customer Acquisition Optimizer

Optimizes customer acquisition to attract the right new customers. Enables dynamic client interactions across all channels and touchpoints to identify, capture and convert the best prospects to loyal customers.

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Other Solutions

  • Marketing Spend Optimization
  • Insurance IoT Insights
  • Customer Lifestyle Analytics
  • and more...

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