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Deliver embedded analytics at scale Put the power of analytics in the hands of your customers — ALL of your customers — with GoodData's embedded analytics platform.

Support for a wide range of customizations

  • Create product tiers. Deliver custom analytics to different customer segments.
  • Tailor the experience to each customer with custom data models and analytics.
  • Empower advanced users - Let customers create and publish their own dashboards and reports.

Offer rapid innovation with 
agile releases

  • Frequently release new analytical features and distribute changes across tens to tens of thousands of customers.
  • Centrally manage distribution of analytics to each product audience - Manage betas, early access launches and more.

Automate global onboarding

  • On and off-board customers automatically. Provision analytics users without manual processes or scripts that are difficult to maintain.
  • Deploy your customers in regional data centers across USA, Europe and Canada.

Easily Collect, Prepare and Distribute Data to Your Customers


Ingest terabytes of data for 10,000s users at frequent intervals with GoodData’s fault-tolerant data pipeline. Stay in control with comprehensive monitoring and alerting integrated with incident response applications.


Reduce time to market with out-of-the-box modules for ingestion, transformation and distribution of data. Protect your existing investments - Integrate your own app connectors, data warehouses and more.


Get started right away with familiar technologies. Use standard SQL and JDBC for data transformations, extend out-of-the-box module capabilities using Ruby, Python or Java SDKs.

Simplified ownership

One partner, one SLA

  • GoodData offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution with a single SLA and predictable annual pricing, making it easy to predict your TCO.
  • The GoodData platform is open and extensive by design. We seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

No upgrades required

  • GoodData's platform is operated as a single code base ensuring you always have the latest features without need for migrations.
  • Backwards compatibility is always guaranteed.

Global enterprise compliance

  • GoodData guarantees enterprise-grade security across the entire analytics platform (SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001 and more).
  • Achieve global reach - GoodData is available in 7 languages, covering 80+ countries.

Embedded Analytics – Should You Build or Partner?

Creating an end-to-end analytics product capable of delivering advanced analytics and outstanding user experience to your customers while ensuring performance and ability to customize at scale is no easy task.

You face a choice: build a solution using in-house expertise, or focus on your core offering and invest with a partner.

We can help you determine if investing with a partner is the right choice for you and your business.


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Nucleus Research analyzed a number of GoodData ROI case studies and determined that GoodData customers have received an average of $4.00 in the first three years for every dollar invested.

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Explore the evolution of analytical functionality and responsibility and their subsequent extension from the IT line-of-business to an increasingly non-technical userbase.

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