Deliver Insights Your Users Want

Finally Deliver Insights Your Users Want
with embedded analytics powered by GoodData

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Embedded analytics for any stage of maturity

For startups looking to disrupt the market...

Building a competitive SaaS product is harder than ever. GoodData empowers you to uniquely differentiate your offerings in ways that your competition can’t match.

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For mature companies that need to evolve...

Don’t let your existing stack hold you back. With GoodData, open your product to the possibilities of cloud and innovation.

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For partners looking to expand relationships…

With GoodData, you can give your customers what they need: agility and solutions that can transform their business now.

GoodData for Partners

Your product.
Your brand.

Your brand is your promise. We take that responsibility seriously. GoodData offers the most advanced granular UI embedding and customization capabilities on the market.

GoodData is the leader in embedded analytics.

Highly Scalable and Secure

GoodData’s platform ensures enterprise-level security, performance and scalability combined with the highest level of manageability of powerful analytics delivered across your diverse B2B network.​

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Market Leading Expertise

GoodData is the leader in embedded analytics with 300+ implementations. We are the only vendor that offers UI/UX designers, data scientists, and go-to-market consulting services.​

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Recommendations and Machine Learning

GoodData has the most advanced embedded analytics platform on the market. We go beyond traditional BI offering augmented analytics and machine learning that close the loop between data, insight, and action.​

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Lightning Fast Time to Market

Because GoodData offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution, you can be up in running in days or weeks, not months or years. More importantly, we partner with you to rapidly innovate and scale with your growth.

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Fourth Customer Story

Fourth Customer Story

Fourth deployed GoodData’s cloud platform to build its distributed analytics solution for customers in the hospitality industry. Nucleus found that Fourth achieved over a half million pounds in cumulative net benefit over the first three years of deployment while investing heavily in its product offerings.

ROI: 117%. Payback: 2.7 years.

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Embedded Analytics – Should You Build or Partner?

The rapid pace of SaaS innovation is increasing the pressure to incorporate business intelligence and machine learning into applications. The challenge is not simply a matter of reallocating resources. It involves implementing new infrastructure and capabilities, adopting best practices in continuous delivery and embracing robust data operations and data science processes to make solutions smarter. You face a choice: build the infrastructure using in-house resources or focus on your core competency and invest with a partner.

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Technology (SLA, Maintenance, Infrastructure) Cost of Resources Cost to BUILD TOP Cost to PARTNER Platform as a Service Cost of Resources

The four key considerations

Do you have the right talent?

The right talent is hard to find. You will need data engineers, solution architects, application development, UI/UX design, data ops and possibly data scientists.

Do you have the right technology?

Adding data, analytics, and machine learning to your product and delivering at scale externally requires a different set of requirements from internal analytics. Consider the added complexity of concurrency, performance, security, and uptime at scale.

What is your expected time to market?

Building in-house can take between anywhere from 9 to 24 months. Depending on how urgently you need to go to market, partnering can offer significant time savings. Get to your first release in 8-10 weeks!

What are your future needs?

Most companies evaluate partners based on the near-term requirements for their beta release. Have you thought beyond that? For instance, how often will you release new features? How will you manage new customers and new users at scale? How will you handle new personas or requirements like machine learning?

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“Advanced analytics has become the #1 reason our customers upgrade”
Sam Boonin, VP Product Strategy

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Forrester: GoodData recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 2017

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Deliver Embedded Insights that Drive Adoption and ARR

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