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The New GoodData: Modern BI for the Modern Data Stack

Written by Valerie Chen  | 

The New GoodData: Modern BI for the Modern Data Stack

Since our founding in 2007, GoodData has undergone an evolution in more ways than one. As the leader in data and analytics infrastructure, we have continuously invested time and resources into our platform in order to anticipate the needs of our customers and partners, and to set them up for deep-rooted success.

In the last year alone, we have shared several major announcements, including the launch of our cloud-native analytics platform offering, GoodData.CN, and our low-code/no-code UI solution (a core component of GoodData’s composable data and analytics framework). These developments underscore our commitment to GoodData’s ongoing mission: helping companies turn data into insights, and empowering all users — no matter their technical proficiency — to make decisions with accuracy and confidence.

Today, we’re pleased to announce another big step in our progression: a comprehensive rebranding journey that embodies not only what GoodData is today, but also what’s to come. From a brand-new logo and visual style, to refreshed messaging, our new brand identity drives GoodData forward. It also attests to our departure from commoditized BI and monolithic analytics in favor of a modern approach to democratizing insights.

Visitors to GoodData’s new website will notice an unfamiliar color scheme; vibrant shades of pink, violet, blue, and green (signifying flickers of warmth and light) starkly contrast against black, deep purple, indigo, white, and gray (symbolizing cold conditions). A closer look will reveal thoughtful details such as close-up environmental imagery fused with minimalistic abstract figures and lines. Inspired by nature, the updated design illustrates a complex environment of interconnected data and their consumers (e.g., applications) — an ecosystem that we understand well and have simplified for our customers.

A screenshot of the redesigned GoodData website

Despite these changes, our customers and partners can still expect the same standard of excellence from GoodData, as we double down on our brand values:

  • Open: We aim to be clear, transparent, and inclusive in everything we do.
  • Collaborative: Together with our customers and partners, we seek to anticipate their needs, improve performance, and achieve results.
  • True: We pioneer truth and accuracy in data to help inform better insights.
  • Bold: We are daring, confident in our actions, and ambitious in our goals.

“The world of data and analytics is constantly progressing, and at GoodData, we’ve consistently predicted what comes next not only in terms of products and services, but also in our vision and branding,” said Founder and CEO Roman Stanek. “As we look ahead to a cloud-native world and a future centered around composability, we’re updating our look and messaging to stand out in the field and unite our present and future offerings.”

Check out the GoodData website in action here, and read the full press release on the rebrand here.

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Written by Valerie Chen  | 

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