GoodData for Freshdesk Support Policy


  1. Scope of Support.

    1. GoodData for Freshdesk application (“Subscription Services”) is supported through a public community support forum provided by GoodData (“Community Support Forum”) and support services provided by GoodData personnel (“GoodData Support”) for Severity Level 1 issues (“Support Services”).

    2. All Support Services are provided in English.

    3. Issues arising from a need for implementation or configuration of Ancillary Services are not covered by this Support Policy.

    4. Support Services do not include assistance with or support for non-GoodData products, services or technologies, including other Freshworks applications, computer networks, computers or printers.

    5. GoodData reserves the right to access Your Users' Subscription Services to help troubleshoot any issues. In connection with GoodData’s data center operations, You specifically consent to and grant GoodData’s worldwide personnel the express right to access, troubleshoot and provide Support Services related to any Customer Data that is stored, managed and processed in GoodData’s data centers. Please see GoodData’s Privacy Policy, incorporated herein by reference, for more information about GoodData’s processing of support-related data.

    6. GoodData will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support Services, and does not guarantee that it will fix any or all Subscription Services defects or make changes.

  2. Community Support Forum.

    1. GoodData created the GoodData for Freshdesk Community Support Forum at in order to allow Subscription Services users to share their experiences and get peer-to-peer support and thought leadership on best practices.

    2. Use of the Community Support Forum is subject to the GoodData Community and University Terms of Use and the GoodData Privacy Policy.

    3. When seeking assistance via the Community Support Forum, You are expected to provide a detailed description of Your question(s).

    4. Availability of the Community Support Forum, response times, and accuracy of responses are not guaranteed.

  3. GoodData Support.

    1. If Your issue meets the criteria of a Severity Level 1 issue, You may contact GoodData Support personnel directly using the methods described below.

      1. Severity Level 1 is an emergency condition related to an error in the Subscription Services that makes the use or continued use of the Subscription Services impossible. Examples include the Subscription Services being completely inaccessible to Your Users due to an error.

      2. Issues not meeting the Severity Level 1 criteria will be rejected, and You will be asked to post it into the Community Support Forum.

      3. GoodData Support is available to You seven (7) days per week, 24 hours per day, during the Term of Your subscription to GoodData for Freshdesk Subscription Services (the “Coverage Period”). GoodData will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide an initial response for Severity Level 1 issues within the 1 hour, and does not guarantee that it will fix any or all Subscription Services defects or make changes to the Subscription Services.

    2. Contacting GoodData Support

      1. Online Support Portal.

        You will have login access to the GoodData support portal, which provides access to the Documentation, an online form for submitting support tickets, and access to Your open and resolved tickets. The GoodData support portal is located at

      2. Email Support.

        GoodData will provide You with access to GoodData Support via email. Support tickets are created for all requests received at, or through the online form.

    3. How Requests Are Logged and Tracked.

      For each specific support request, the GoodData Support team creates a support ticket and assigns a support request number.

    4. When seeking GoodData Support, You may need to provide necessary debugging information, example reproduction scenarios or any other business reasonable information as requested by GoodData Support staff. You are expected to fulfill reasonable troubleshooting tasks as recommended by GoodData Support staff. If You are unable or unwilling to provide such information and cooperation, GoodData may not be able to troubleshoot Your issue.

    5. You are expected to fulfill reasonable troubleshooting tasks as recommended by GoodData Support staff.

  4. Updates to the Support Policy.

    GoodData reserves the right to modify, change and update this Support Policy at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion. GoodData will provide You notice of material changes to this Support Policy on the Community Support Forum, located at Your continued use of the Subscription Services after receiving such notice shall constitute Your acceptance of any such changes to this Support Policy.